A family doctor who announced his partial retirement four years ago says he will reopen his family practice in Pacific and he has something new to bring to area patients.

Dr. Ted Vargas, who operated his family medicine office at 319 N. First St. for 39 years, said he’s returning to offer Pacific residents a choice of medical care.

Vargas has become board certified to offer integrative or holistic medicine along with traditional family practice.

Pacific Med Care Center will reopen in the coming weeks.

“We’re shooting for opening on June 17,” said Vargas’ wife Jean.

Vargas practiced in the building that he eventually owned from 1975 until he almost retired in January 2015.

He joined the practice that Dr. Desider B. Ecker had opened at 214 N. First St. after World War II in 1945 when he arrived from Hungary.

Dr. Warren A. Bowersox joined the practice when he came to Pacific in the early 1960s and also was at the 214 N. First St. location. In 1966, Dr. Bowersox built the 319 N. First St. building and moved the practice there.

Vargas came to Pacific in August 1975 and worked out of the lower level of the building. He moved to the upper lever in 1984 and took over the practice.

His dream of getting to know his patients and their families through the years was fulfilled many times over. He logged more than 10,000 patient visits during that time.

Vargas told patients in 2015 that he would not retire completely, and would continue as an attending physician and medical director at St. Andrews at Francis Place, Eureka.

During his partial retirement at St. Francis, he became interested in holistic medicine.

“He used a variety of treatments for pain, depression and anxiety,” his wife said. “He decided that he would be board certified to offer these treatments so he returned to school and sat for the exams. He is now board certified to provide integrative or holistic treatment to patients.”

When it was announced that Eureka Primary Care had decided to move out of the building at 419 N. First and relocate its practice in Eureka, Vargas said he was inundated with requests to reopen his family medicine practice to Pacific.