Ben and Erin Napier, hosts of HGTV’s popular series “Home Town,” want to breathe new life into an entire town that’s struggling and in need of some TLC.

Locally, Pacific leaders want to be selected for this municipal makeover.

Pacific Mayor Steve Myers created a video to officially enter the city into HGTV’s “Home Town Takeover” contest. Home Town Takeover will be a six-episode special event slated to air on HGTV in 2021.

The winning community of this national contest will receive a whole-town renovation and restoration project. Competing cities were those with a population of 40,000 or less.

“We’re very excited to have sent our application with photos and a video highlighting some areas that have tremendous potential, and could use their help,” said Myers.

Sam Dean and Andrew Jablonowski, co-owners of J&D Features, filmed the Pacific video entry. Both of them graduated from Pacific High School.

“This particular video meant more to me because Pacific is where I grew up, and I’ve seen businesses leave, I’ve seen opportunity, and I’ve felt the devastating impacts on our community due to the flooding,” said Dean, J&D lead videographer.

“It wasn’t just about making a video for this one,” he added.

Dean said his family’s house was just outside of Pacific, off of Highway O.

“Our basement flooded in 2008, 2015 and 2017,” he said, adding that both of his parents work for Meramec Valley R-III School District.

City applicants had until Feb. 4 to submit contest materials. Applicants were encouraged to highlight aspects of their town that make it special, fascinating, historic or unique — including distinctive features, such as vintage period architecture, special destinations or a classic main street.

Citizens of the selected town are slated to receive the rehab of multiple individual family homes, as well as the revitalization of public spaces — parks, local diners or restaurants and outdoor recreation areas.

“HGTV has never, ever taken on a whole-town renovation and restoration project, and we’re so proud and excited to be leading the team that will get it done. This is a big one,” said Home Town host Erin in a news release to announce the contest.

The show’s producers have not released a definitive date by when a winning town will be chosen. However, the website can be monitored for updates.