Larry Swim, the one-of-a-kind Monster Truck driver whose daring style changed the tempo of Bigfoot shows, has stepped away from exhibitions to spend more time with his family.

Swim has been a star driver for Bigfoot, the original monster truck formed in 1975, that is now headquartered in Pacific.

Bigfoot 4x4 Monster trucks are featured in races and exhibitions across the U.S.

Ann Trent, Bigfoot president and CEO, announced Swim’s retirement July 16.

“Larry was a great asset to Bigfoot and was always a pleasure to be around,” Trent said. “His lighthearted humor and attitude made Larry one of a kind. Larry’s loyalty to both Bigfoot and all of our fans made him a great brand ambassador for not only Bigfoot but all of our sponsors and other partners.

“Beside all his personal attributes, Larry could definitely drive a truck,” Trent said. “He was not only fast behind the wheel but he was also very daring.”

Since he was named MTRA Driver of the Year in 2009, Swim has earned 10 championships as a monster truck driver, including the Tough Monster Truck championship in 2018 and 2019, the 4 Wheel and Off-Road Jamboree championship in 2015 and 2016.

“Larry changed our whole R & D program and we worked our best on making Bigfoot Larry-proof,” Trent said.

Although he’s going to be missed, Trent said the team won’t be surprised to see him behind the wheel at some point.