Franklin County Courthouse

A Pacific man is once again facing forgery charges after authorities say he wrote and cashed at least two checks without the permission of the accountholder. 

Andrew Joseph Whitley, 34, will be arraigned on the new charges Jan. 7, 2021, according to electronic court records. 

He previously pleaded guilty to two forgery charges in 2017. 

In that case, Whitley attempted to cash two checks in Washington on which he had whited out the original name on the check, written his own in black permanent marker and showed a photo ID when attempting to cash the checks. Whitley also forged the signature of the accountholder on both checks. He was sentenced to five years in the Missouri Department of Corrections. 

Whitley is still serving that sentence in the Eastern Reception Diagnostic Correctional Center in Bonne Terre, according to an online database of inmates in the state prison. 

In court filings from June, authorities say they were contacted by a person known as “CN” in the case filings. CN told police that a $753 check had been issued from their account and deposited into another person’s account. The check was signed to Andrew Whitley, according to police. 

After interviewing bank officials, police say they were told the check was cashed on Whitley’s charged off account. Video surveillance showed that a license plate of the vehicle, which was used by the person who deposited the check, is registered to a Whitley relative. 

On June 26, Whitley was arrested by the Pacific Police Department after attempting to cash another of CN’s checks. 

In a sworn statement, Union Police Officer Kevin Williams said Whitley told him that he did “not look at the check before cashing it” and that he had cut some grass and was “given the check by an acquaintance.”

If convicted on these new charges, Whitley could be sentenced to the state prison for an additional one to seven years. He also could be sentenced to serve one year in the county jail or ordered to pay $10,000. Whitley could also be imprisoned and ordered to pay a fine.