Lamar Capital Investment and Three Property Partners LLC are proposing an approximately 80-acre subdivision along Hogan Road in Pacific. The proposal was the subject of last Tuesday’s Pacific Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

“This is a very uniquely appealing area of growth,” said Jim Wootten, owner of the property.

Wootten, with Three Property Partners, said he does not yet know what he’ll do with the property. At the moment, he simply wants to divide it into two lots, one of 20.06 acres and another of 60.11 acres.

“We’ve been marketing the property for a little over a year,” Wootten said. “We’ve had some preliminary discussions, but nothing has come to fruition.”

Anything the company decides to put on the property would have to be approved by the city.

Commission members still wanted to make sure Wootten would do a proper traffic study and examine the line of sights for cars before he put anything there. Wootten assured them this would be done before anything was built.

“That is paramount to any kind of development we would do,” he said.

Wootten said he doesn’t anticipate the company making any decisions on what to do for at least six to 12 months.

During the public comment period, Bill McLaren, who said his family owns an adjacent property, told the commission he had no problem with Wootten or anything he proposed, but he wanted to make sure things are done correctly should the 60-acre portion become a residential development. However, City Administrator Steve Roth and Commissioner Linda Bruns explained that in order for them to create a residential development, they’d need to come back to the commission, as well as the board of aldermen, and subdivide the property again, going through this same procedure.

“I think the commission is going to be looking at that real hard if they come back with some other subdivisions,” Bruns said.

Residential subdivisions have become a point of contention in Pacific after the controversial Manors at Brush Creek subdivision was approved and the similarly controversial Hummingbird Hills subdivision was rejected by the city.

The commission voted unanimously to recommend that the board of alderman approve this subdivision. The board of aldermen will vote on whether to approve or reject this at its Oct. 19 meeting.