Gabriel Trevino

Local man pleads guilty to producing child porn

A Franklin County man entered a guilty plea in federal court on Wednesday for production  of child pornography. 

According to court records, Gabriel Trevino,35, was arrested in November 2019 after his then-girlfriend noticed a red light on the side of a picture frame in her children’s bathroom. The woman, who was not identified in public court documents, took the frame apart and found a hidden camera with an SD card in a slot on the side of the picture frame. 

The woman then took the picture frame to a computer store and discovered the card contained roughly 300 video files. According to court documents, the woman said the files included some of her children in the nude, who were minors. 

On November 18, the woman contacted the St. Louis County Police Department who then launched an investigation that involved the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Washington Police Department. 

According to the United States Attorney’s Office of Eastern Missouri, Trevino admitted to authorities of being in a relationship with the woman and that she had allowed him to stay in her home for a week from Nov. 11 through Nov. 18. Trevino also acknowledged that he had placed the photo frame in the bathroom of the residence in hopes of recording the woman.

Authorities say Trevino also admitted that he knew he would record the woman’s minor children in the bathroom as well.  

United States District Judge Henry E. Autrey accepted a plea from Gabriel Trevino. Autrey has scheduled a January 13, 2021, sentencing hearing for Trevino. 

The charge of production of child pornography carries a maximum penalty of no more than 30 years of imprisonment and a fine of no more than $250,000.