A 37-year-old female inmate at the Franklin County Jail in Union has died, according to a press release from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department. 

The deceased has been identified as Amanda N. Duncan, of Washington. An autopsy has been performed on Duncan’s remains, and the cause of her death remains undetermined at this time, according to Franklin County Sheriff Steve Pelton. He said it will take the medical examiner’s office “some time” to complete the autopsy results. 

According to Pelton, on July 31 at 9:10 p.m., deputies were summoned to Duncan’s cell after a fellow inmate used a call button, alerting jail officials that there was an unresponsive female in the cell. Once in the cell, deputies located the female lying on her bed unresponsive. They began CPR and called for an ambulance. Paramedics with Union ambulance and personnel with the Union Fire Department continued CPR once they arrived on scene, but Duncan was not revived. 

Two days prior to her death, Duncan pleaded not guilty to one count of drug possession, a Class D felony, and four counts of misdemeanors, including two counts of unlawful drug possession and one count each of failure to register a motor vehicle and failure to have insurance for vehicle. She was being held in custody while she awaited her bond hearing, which was set for Monday, Aug. 2. 

In a separate court proceeding, Duncan also pleaded guilty to stealing in July.