Firefighters respond to Ross Dress for Less

Firefighters with the Washington Fire Department responded to Ross Dress for Less April 30 at the Phoenix Center mall. Workers evacuated after a light caught fire in the men's shoe department.

The Washington Fire Department responded to two retail alarms around 5:30 p.m. Friday, April 30. 

With a dispatch time of 5:21 p.m., the firefighters tended to a small fire at the shoe department in the Washington Ross Dress for Less, 1926 Charlotte's Way.

At 5:33, the call came in for the Washington Distilling Co., 622 Jefferson St., where an automatic alarm signaled carbon monoxide, Fire Chief Tim Frankenberg said.

At Ross Dress for Less, a small light fixture caught on fire, he said. The fire was out within one minute of arrival. Only the light was damaged.

About six people were inside the store at the time, he said. All were evacuated.

“It wasn't near big enough to trigger sprinkler systems, so a little bitty fire,” he said.

While talking in the store’s parking lot, he received calls about The Washington Distilling Co. fire. The firefighters on scene had not found the source of the fire, he said, and there was no damage.

“They've got some issues over there with some of their equipment, so they're double checking them out with a second meter, but everything looks good,” Frankenberg said.