'I Voted' Stickers Are Readied For Voters (copy)

I voted stickers for the presidential election sit on a table at East Central College in Union Tuesday, Nov. 3. Candidate filing for the April 6, 2021, general municipal election ended Jan. 19. 

Make sure you know the following information regarding when, where and how to vote in this week's municipal election. 

Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 6. For more information about your polling place, go to the Franklin County Clerk's website. To confirm your voter registration, call (636) 583-6364. 

There are three options for presenting identification when voting:

    • Option 1: Provide one of the following photo ID documents:
      • Missouri-issued driver's license that is not expired.
      • Missouri-issued nondriver's license that is not expired or does not have an expiration date. 
      • U.S. passport that is not expired.
      • Military ID that is not expired or does not have an expiration date. 
    • Option 2: Provide the same ID you provided in previous elections. Some examples are:
      • Voter ID card issued by the Franklin County Clerk's office. 
      • ID issued by the State of Missouri that has your current name. 
      • Utility bill that contains your current name and address. 
      • Bank statement that contains your current name and address. 
      • Government-issued check that contains your current name and address. 
      • Paycheck that contains your current name and address. 
      • Expired Missouri driver's license. 
      • Expired U.S. passport. 
      • Birth certificate with your current name. 
      • Social Security card that contains your current name. 

Option 3: 

    If you have no form of identification but are a registered voter in Franklin County, then you can cast a provisional ballot. There are two ways your vote can then be counted: 
    • If you come back to your polling location before the close of polls on Election Day and bring a form of acceptable ID.
    • If your signature matches the signature on the voter registration file. 

Below, we've compiled a list of stories on the candidates in each of the contested races on the ballot to help you make informed decisions.

Voter turnout is expected to be very low, according to Franklin County Clerk Tim Baker. He is anticipating that just one in five of the county's voters who have items on the ballot will cast a ballot this Tuesday. Voters in five of the county's polling places do not have any items on their ballots. 

Washington City Council — First Ward

There are five candidates hoping to take the Washington City Council seat currently held by Ward 1 Councilman Nick Obermark, who decided to not seek reelection. The five candidates are: Duane Reed, Tessie Steffens, Louis Swoboda, Dan Contarini and Justin C. Fuse. All of the candidates except Swoboda agreed to be interviewed by The Missourian.

To read more about the candidates and their stances, click this link

Washington City Council — Second Ward

Incumbent Ward 2 Councilman Mark Wessels, 74, is hoping to fend off a challenge from Kari Klenke, 46. Wessels, who is completing his first term on the city council, is a longtime educator who also worked for the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce following his retirement in education. Klenke, who is a first-time political candidate, is an educator who has also worked as the administrator of the Sylvan Learning Center in Washington. 

To read more about the candidates and their stances on issues impacting city government, click this link.

Washington City Council — Fourth Ward

Incumbent Joe Holtmeier is seeking reelection to the seat he has held for 10 years on the Washington City Council. The city's Fourth Ward Michael Johns, a political newcomer, is hoping to unseat Holtmeier. Holtmeier works for the St. Francis Borgia Schools as a maintenance man, and Johns owns Moe's Pizza. 

To read more about the candidates and their stances on the issues, click this link

Washington School District Board of Education

Washington School Board president John Freitag, incumbent director Kevin Blackburn and new challenger Spencer J. Nothum are competing for two open positions on the district’s board of education.

Freitag has been on the board since 2015 after working as co-campaign chairman for a 2012-13 bond issue. Blackburn has been on the board for nine years.

To read more about the three candidates and their backgrounds, click this link. 

Here are our election preview stories from the other contested races in the county: