Washington School District

The Washington School District is above state averages in all three areas tested in 2018-19, according to a newly released report.

The statewide Annual Performance Report (APR) data for science was just released by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

Due to the first-year implementation of a new science assessment, science APR data was not available when English language arts and mathematics APR data were announced in October.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Judy Straatmann said she’s thrilled with the test scores.

In fifth grade, 47 percent of Washington School District students scored at the proficient or advanced level, compared to 43 percent statewide.

In eighth grade, 58 percent of Washington students scored proficient or advanced, which is 14 percentage points higher than the state average of 44 percent.

For biology, 49 percent of Washington High School students who were taking biology classes also scored at the upper levels, compared to 39 percent statewide.

“We really rocked science,” Straatmann said. “While we can’t compare scores year to year, the state still compares the average of the two most recent years to the average of three years ago and two years ago, to determine progress.

“I am very excited to have scored so much higher than the state, especially in eighth grade and biology,” Straatmann added. “The new assessment is no longer based on memorization of facts, but on application of knowledge. It is thrilling to see our students being able to apply what they are learning. We are very proud of our students and staff.”

State officials said this type of increased rigor will help ensure Missouri districts are producing success-ready graduates to enter the important science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) fields that are vital to our future workforce.

DESE said it appreciates the hard work done by Missouri teachers and school leaders to adapt to these significant changes.