The Franklin County SWAT team last week helped arrest a Robertsville man who had warrants out for his arrest.

Robert L. Kavanagh, 40, was arrested Friday, Feb. 7. More charges could be coming as a result of the arrest.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office had been seeking Kavanagh and received information on Friday about his current location. The sheriff’s office said Kavanagh had active warrants for multiple probation violations originating from charges of first-degree domestic assault, first-degree stalking, felony leaving the scene of an accident, two counts of third-degree domestic assault, two counts possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and felony possession of a controlled substance.

He also had active warrants for failure to appear for first-degree trespassing, property damage and stealing, as well as traffic violations.

The sheriff’s office said Kavanagh has been arrested 16 times previously. After obtaining a search warrant, deputies went to Kavanagh’s residence. The sheriff’s office said Kavanagh ignored commands to exit the home.

Sheriff Steve Pelton said Kavanagh has been known to resist arrest which led the to the SWAT team being activated.

The Franklin County SWAT Team attempted to make contact with Kavanagh using an in-care PA system. While that was ongoing, Franklin County dispatch received a 911 call.

The call reported a shooting at convenience store near Kavanagh’s residence. Pelton said the call was a hoax.

Deputies were able to trace the call back to Kavanagh’s residence. The sheriff’s office said the calls were made by Kavanagh and another man.

Pelton said the call was an attempt to get deputies to leave the scene. It failed and additional charges for filing a false police report are being sought, he said.

The sheriff’s office said three subjects eventually exited the home, one being Kavanagh. He was taken into custody on the outstanding warrants and charges are being applied for in reference to filing a false police report and misuse of 911 services.

A second person, a 39-year-old Washington man, also was arrested for helping make the false 911 calls.