The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team was called to serve a warrant in Villa Ridge Friday, June 16.

Sheriff Steve Pelton said Franklin County 911 received a call to respond to the Pacific Fire House No. 2 in Robertsville for an assault no longer in progress.

The female victim stated she was assaulted at a residence in Villa Ridge and she was in fear for her life.

The suspect, who is identified as Jack Hutcherson, 40, Villa Ridge, has been charged with first degree kidnapping, second degree domestic assault, unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful use of a weapon and armed criminal action.

Hutcherson allegedly hit the victim with a closed fist as she was leaving the residence. The suspect then hit her with a belt and his fist and at one point,  “choked her out” to the point she lost consciousness, only to be awakened by another punch to the head.

The victim advised when she tried to leave, the suspect beat her and dragged her by her hair into a bedroom and choked her till she lost consciousness again.  

This time she woke up with the suspect standing over her with a gun pointed at her.

After Hutcherson left the room the victim escaped through a window and fled to the firehouse.

 A search warrant was obtained for the residence and due to his extensive criminal history the Sheriff’s Office SWAT team responded to the address and served the warrant.

Detectives located evidence related to the assault and Hutcherson was taken into custody without incident.

Bond was set at $500,000.