Sawn Trautman

A Sullivan man faces second-degree domestic assault charges after an argument with his roommate turned violent Sunday, July 26. 

Franklin County Sheriff Steve Pelton said deputies were dispatched to the 400 block of Doris Morello Street, in Sullivan Sunday.

A 22-year-old male victim reported his roommate Shawn Trautman, 22, had assaulted him during an argument. 

The victim alleged Trautman put him in a head lock and pulled him to the ground outside a neighboring residence. 

Trautman allegedly strangled, punched and kicked his roommate while he was on the ground and the victim sustained injuries consistent with the assault, according to the victim’s statement. 

Deputies located evidence at the scene that supported the claims and Trautman admitted to being involved in the fight. 

Trautman was arrested and transported to the Franklin County Adult Detention Facility. His bond was set at $4,900.

Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Matt Becker told The Missourian he has filed a motion to have Trautman’s bond revoked due to a pending statutory rape and two statutory sodomy charges from last summer.

In late June 2019, Trautman allegedly manipulated a 16-year-old girl into having sex with him out of revenge.

According to the probable cause statement filed in the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office, on June 27, 2019, Trautman had sex with the girl knowing that she was underage.

The allegations were investigated by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities allege that Trautman knew the victim through mutual friends, and he began speaking with her June 26 in an attempt to gain her trust and then meet her in person.

Trautman was seeking revenge because the victim’s boyfriend who had sex with Trautman’s girlfriend, detectives said,

Trautman allegedly told the victim about her boyfriend and his girlfriend to take advantage of the girl, the probable cause statement reads.

The suspect gave the victim THC wax, a highly potent drug derived from marijuana, and alcohol as he drove her to his home in the Gerald area.

Investigators said Trautman played on the victim’s emotions to convince her to have sex, and the victim told Trautman she was 16 before they had sex.

The victim’s boyfriend went to Trautman’s home looking for the girl. Trautman instructed her to hide in the bathroom of his home while he confronted her boyfriend. The boyfriend left the residence and then contacted the girl’s parents and told them she was at Trautman’s home.

The girl’s mother picked up her daughter at Trautman’s home a short time later, authorities said.

The next day, Trautman met with his girlfriend with the sole purpose of telling her that he had sex with the victim, the probable cause statement reads. 

During an interview with investigators, he admitted to giving the victim THC wax and alcohol. 

Trautman also was charged in January 2019 with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia in Franklin County. In 2018, he was charged in Osage County with driving with a revoked license, according to court records.