Franklin County Courthouse

There will be no jury trials in the 20th Circuit Court until at least June 1, 2021, according to a statement from court officials. 

The 20th Circuit Court includes Franklin, Gasconade and Osage counties. The local court system will continue to hear other cases, such as arraignments, bond hearings and probation violation hearings. 

Among the jury trials already scheduled are: Dakota Dunham, who is charged with raping and molesting a child in 2018; Wesley Tatom, who is on trial for the 2018 murder of Darrell L. Johnson; David Schneider, the former Washington gymnastics coach who is charged with 12 counts of child molestation and three counts of statutory sodomy; and Casaibrian Prichard, who is charged with three counts of rape, three counts of statutory sodomy, one count of invasion of privacy and one count of assault, all of which are felonies.  

Dunham’s two-day jury trial is slated to begin June 9. A pretrial conference is scheduled to be held Wednesday, May 26. 

Tatom’s five-day jury trial is scheduled for June 21. A pretrial conference is scheduled in this case for May 3. 

Schneider’s five-day jury trial is scheduled to begin Aug. 16.  

Prichard’s jury trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 28 and last for five days. 

Additionally, a 10-day jury trial is scheduled in the Franklin County Civil Court with the parents of a Sullivan man killed in a September 2018 crash suing American Honda Motor Co., the manufacturer of the man’s vehicle.  

The lawsuit alleges the Honda Pilot Mason Kirk was driving was defective and unreasonably dangerous in several respects, including, but not limited to, the following:

• The front driver seat system was assembled, installed, marketed, distributed and sold with defectively manufactured seat frame rivets.

• The seat system, including its component parts, failed to function properly in a foreseeable crash, allowing the front seat to separate from the vehicle floor and increasing the risk of injury to the seated occupant.

• The seat system, including its component parts, lacked adequate testing and/or inspection to ensure it was reasonably suitable for its intended purpose and provided inadequate occupant protection in foreseeable crash conditions before it was distributed and sold.

The jury trial set to begin Sept. 27, 2021, with jury selection and closing arguments tentatively set for Oct. 8. 

More jury trials will be scheduled as cases progress through the legal system, court officials said.