Local Site to Appear on Show

The Tri-County Restaurant building will be featured on the SyFy Network’s “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” Tuesday, June 12. The segment will feature a video of a “blue ghost” captured in 2006 by Missouri Paranormal Research, now called Paranormal Task Force (PTF). Pictured, from left, are PTF President Greg Myers, “Fact or Faked” cast members Bill Murphy, Austin Porter and Lanisha Cole; and former PTF member Tom Halstead.

A local haunt will get national attention next week when a video captured at former historic building will appear on a television show on the SyFy Network.

Tri-County Restaurant, or “truck stop” which has been the subject of paranormal investigations, will appear on a segment of the show “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files.”

A video that shows what some are calling the “blue ghost” will be featured on the episode airing Tuesday, June 12, at 8 p.m. on the channel.

The paranormal investigation show utilizes the expertise of scientists, a former FBI agent and other professionals, to review evidence of possible paranormal occurrences, including UFOs or  haunting, and conducts experiments to find an explainable cause.

The “blue ghost” video was collected during a “lockdown” in August 2006 by the Missouri Paranormal Research, now called Paranormal Task Force (PTF).

The Tri-County Restaurant is located at Highway AT and Highway 100. 

PTF President Greg Myers was the lead investigator when the video was taken. Myers, along with former PTF members Tom Halstead will appear on Tuesday’s episode of “Fact or Faked.”

Myers said he anticipates an interesting reaction by the “Fact or Faked” team.

“I think this will go well,” he said. “They usually rule out videos quickly, but for them to pursue this one, it is a good sign.

“I still consider this one of the most paranormal things that I have seen,” Myers added. “But when we watch the show, I don’t know what they will come up with.”

He noted that for two days following the capture, he tried to find an explainable cause for what was captured on the video.

According to Halstead, the ghostly images were captured about midnight in the basement of the restaurant.

Halstead said he and another investigator had heard banging and went to the lower level to see what could have caused the noise.

He said that the two investigators reviewed camera footage to see what could have caused the noise.

“That’s when I noticed a glowing bluish apparition-type of entity passing by my camera and noticed it was heading toward the deep freezer on the far end of the building,” Halstead said. “I was in disbelief of what I had captured, as were the other team members as they watched too.”

Show Comes to Town

Producers of the show contacted Myers after they had viewed the viral video.

Both Myers and Halstead met with show producers and investigators at Tri-County.

“They were friendly and professional,” said Myers. “They were very enjoyable to work with.”

During the filming of the segment, one of the producers, Haley Press, actually had his own paranormal experience.

Press said he was inside the former truck stop with the owner Rick Reed when the two heard heavy footsteps behind them. After exploring the area, the two realized they were the only two in the building.

“It was an eerie feeling, but perplexing to say the least,” said Press. “Reed simply looked at me afterward and said, ‘Well, that stuff happens from time to time.’ ”

Press said Tuesday’s episode will be “one of the best episodes of the season.”

The Tri-County Restaurant

Tri-County Restaurant has produced plenty of “evidence.” Investigations have resulted in many audio (called Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP, in the paranormal investigative world) recordings of voices responding to investigators, doors slamming and pots and pans banging into each other.

Before it was the Tri-County Restaurant the building housed the Diamonds Restaurant.

The Diamonds was opened 1927, but a fire destroyed the building in 1948. It was rebuilt two years later.

Today the business is closed but had been open less than 10 years ago and has a long history along on Historic Route 66.

Paranormal Task Force

PTF is a nonprofit organization comprised of diverse and experienced paranormal professionals who use a combination of humanistic values and scientific techniques for a well-formulated approach to paranormal research.

PTF is based out of Arnold, but investigates cases throughout the St. Louis region.

The group was voted the No. 2 paranormal investigative and research team in the United States for 2009 by the millions of viewers of “Haunted America Tours.”

People may visit the group’s Facebook page, or its website at www.paranormaltaskforce.com, To contact the group, people may email help@paranormaltaskforce.com.