Blake S. Schindler

The final suspect in the brutal slaying of a former probation officer was sentenced to 45 years in prison Friday.

Blake S. Schindler, 20, appeared in the Franklin County Judicial Center in front of Michael S. Wright, 12th District judge in Warren County.

Judge Wright sentenced Schindler to two concurrent 30-year terms for murder and robbery. He was sentenced to 15 years on one count of burglary, which will run consecutive to the 30-year terms for a total 45 years.

Schindler also was sentenced to five years in the Missouri Department of Corrections for felonious restraint. That sentence will run concurrent with the burglary sentence.

Judge Wright's sentence followed the jury's recommendation of 80 years for the murder and robbery of for the murder of Kenneth Allen Jr., 70, Washington.

Schindler was found guilty Aug. 28 of second-degree felony murder, and felonies of first-degree burglary, felonious restraint and robbery for Allen’s death Nov. 3, 2016. In August, a Franklin County jury of five women and seven men deliberated for 40 minutes before finding Schindler guilty.

The jury later returned with a sentencing recommendation of 80 years. The jury’s verdicts were: 30 years each on the counts of murder and robbery. For burglary, the jury returned a verdict of 15 years, and five years for restraint.

The two other suspects, Timothy D. Wonish, 33, and Whitney D. Robins, 31, are serving seven years in the Missouri Department of Corrections on the charge of involuntary manslaughter.

Schindler rejected the same plea agreement offered by former Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Robert Parks to the other two suspects.

See the Wednesday, Nov. 13, edition of The Missourian for a complete story, including arguments from Franklin County Prosecutor Matthew Becker and Schindler's defense attorney.

Schindler Trial

During closing arguments of the trial, Becker argued that Wonish, Robins and Schindler intended to steal from Allen “to feed their drug habit.”

Becker told the jury that Whitney Robins said a detective that Ken Allen was “immediately” attacked by Schindler and Wonish.

“Whitney Robins wrapped a lamp cord around Ken Allen’s legs after she was told to make him stop kicking — either Timothy Wonish or Blake Schindler bound his hands with a phone charge cord.”

When Allen was found, he was lying in a pool of blood with his hands bound behind him and feet wrapped up with a lamp cord.

The prosecutor also alleged in the courtroom that Schindler directed Robins to a dresser where she stole credit cards and Ken Allen’s prescription medication.

“After they had Ken Allen tied up face down on the floor, the evidence suggests that the three of them immediately started stealing,” Becker told the jury.

He said the suspects then drove to North St. Louis County using Allen’s credit cards a couple of times along the way, before purchasing heroin for Robins and Wonish.