An amended preliminary plat for a subdivision at the northwest corner of Decker Road and Stricker Lane in Boles Township was approved by the Franklin County Planning and Zoning Commission in September. 

Decker Road Development plans to create a 19-lot subdivision called Stonegate Farms. A similar preliminary plat was approved in August 2017. A few changes were made to preliminary plat plans, including lot sizes and the subdivision entrance.  

The lot sizes are shrinking from 5.8 acres to 5.19, according to Planning Director Scottie Eagan. The change in size is still within the requirements for lots in the community development district zoning.

She added that the subdivision is proposed to be built in three phases. The water service will be provided by Water District 3 and the applicant plans on having on-site individual septic tanks. 

The preliminary plat shows a 15-foot utility easement along the private road, a 20-foot utility easement along Decker Road, a 10-foot utility easement on the rear of the property line, and 5-foot utility easement along the side, according to Eagan. The easements are in accordance with county regulations.

The roads, rights of way and road service portions of the plat meet the standards in the county’s unified land use regulations. The applicant is required to dedicate an additional right of way along Decker Road, according to Eagan. 

All utilities will be located underground. The applicant is required to provide fire protection under Boles Fire Protection District regulations. A land disturbance permit is required from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for development. 

Before final approval, improvements will be reviewed by the county. There was discussion about stormwater plans and the subdivision entrance.

The commission voted 7-0 in favor of approving the preliminary plat. Commissioners Dan Haire, Kyle Dubbert and Bill McLaren were absent. 

The commission’s vote now paves the way for Eagan to make the final approval of the plat.