Franklin County Commission

Phillips Pipeline is planning extensive work on its infrastructure running through portions of Franklin County in 2021.

While this work is going on, many community businesses will reap the benefits of the project, which is expected to bring 300 workers to the area and take 12 to 18 months to complete.

Phillips 66 Midstream communications manager Rich Johnson told The Missourian the project is still in the early stages of meeting with landowners and conducting surveys.

“The section of the existing pipeline we are replacing is approximately 28 miles in length between Villa Ridge and Fenton,” he said. “I’m estimating about 9 miles is in Franklin County.”

Johnson added Phillips 66 hasn’t awarded any construction contracts yet and doesn’t expect to start construction activity until early 2021. The company will have more specifics in the coming months.

“We are planning to replace and relocate sections of an existing pipeline that delivers fuel products to consumers in Missouri and Illinois,” Johnson said. “This project will help ensure the continued safe and reliable transport of fuels. We are committed to designing, constructing, operating and maintaining the replacement pipeline in a safe and reliable manner, and to meeting or exceeding regulatory standards.”

In late October, Phillips 66 representatives met with the county commission to brief them on the upcoming project and the potential economic impact it may have.

According to meeting minutes from that discussion, the pipeline runs from the border of Texas to St. Louis. An interactive map will be available at once it is complete.

There were several reasons the meeting was requested due to the economic impact this project can have on Franklin County.

The pipeline project could possibly last up to 12-18 months for the construction segments.

Phillips 66’s goal is to purchase necessary property over the next year and construction could begin in 2021.

There could be approximately 300 additional people utilizing community resources, which would impact Franklin County. 

Phillips 66 has a commitment to community and could be willing to assist in community projects around Franklin County and the surrounding area to contribute to improving parks, safety and emergency response.


As a utility operating in Franklin County, Phillips 66 pays taxes each year on its infrastructure, including the nine miles of pipeline.

The state of Missouri places the assessed value on the utilities and according to the county clerk’s office, in 2018 the utility paid $32,751 in taxes and has been charged $60,751 for 2019.

Over the course of the construction project in 2021, Phillips 66 also will be charged a tax on construction based on the estimated value of the project.

Again in this case, the state of Missouri will assess the amount on which the company is taxed and 100 percent of those taxes will come to Franklin County, but only while the project is ongoing.