A Franklin County judge has ordered a St. Louis County man to serve six months in jail in a 2013 drunk driving case.

Joshua N. Nothum, 29, Chesterfield, will serve nights, weekends and holidays in the Franklin County Jail beginning Monday, Feb. 1, under a work release condition ordered by Associate Circuit Judge Dave Hoven.

Judge Hoven sentenced Nothum in the case last Thursday, Jan. 14.

In addition to the jail term, Nothum was ordered to pay fines on related traffic offenses along with associated court costs.

Prosecuting Attorney Bob Parks said Judge Hoven ordered the jail time in the case because Nothum had been on probation for a St. Charles County DWI offense when he was stopped in Franklin County for traffic offenses and driving while intoxicated.

It took a Franklin County jury about 55 minutes to find Nothum guilty of the charges at the conclusion of a one-day trial Monday, Nov. 9, 2015.

A Missouri Highway Patrol trooper stopped Nothum Dec. 1, 2013, for driving 70 mph in a 55 mph zone, according to reports.

The trooper stopped Nothum after he turned from Highway 47 onto Clearview Road. The misdemeanor affidavit noted that Nothum also failed to drive on the right half of Highway 47 before he was stopped.

The prosecutor’s office said Nothum refused to perform a field sobriety test and a search warrant was issued to seize a blood sample.

Analysis of the sample showed that Nothum had a blood alcohol content of .173 percent, more than twice the legal limit in Missouri of .08 percent.

Nothum was charged with a Class A misdemeanor as a prior offender.

The affidavit noted that Nothum was found guilty of driving while intoxicated Oct. 9, 2012, for events occurring on April 4, 2012, in St. Charles County.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Mathew Huston handled the case for the state.