A Washington area man has been charged with third-degree domestic assault.

Brian Hoffman, 34, was charged Sunday, April 12, in Franklin County Associate Circuit Court.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to an assault call on Highway 47 south of Washington Saturday, April 11.

Deputies said two adult men appeared to have been fighting in the middle of the road. The fight caused traffic to stop for a brief period of time.

Deputies separated the two men. One of the men, Hoffman, recently had been released from the Franklin County Adult Detention Facility. The sheriff’s office said he appeared to have gotten into an argument after being picked up from the facility.

While in a car on Highway 47, Hoffman allegedly assaulted the man who was driving. The assault caused the driver to stop suddenly and then a physical fight ensued roadside.

The victim had injuries to his face and head and Hoffman suffered injuries to his knees. Hoffman was arrested and a warrant was obtained with a bond set at $5,000.