William L Miller Sr., Publisher/Editor

I ran a nationally syndicated editorial cartoon in the June 10 edition of The Missourian that was racially insensitive. It was poor judgment on my part and for that I sincerely apologize.

The cartoon was intended to support our editorial position that defunding police departments in the aftermath of George Floyd’s senseless killing is not the answer to resolving the racial inequities and injustices that have occurred in policing in this country. We did not draw the cartoon but selected it from a national service we use to support our editorial positions. We regret this error in judgment. We have discontinued using cartoons by this particular political cartoonist.

We believe rather than defunding the police, there should be more community-oriented policing. We believe this is a time to listen especially to those who feel disenfranchised and victimized by police practices. We understand and appreciate that there is systemic racial injustice in law enforcement across the country and believe it is the time to address those, first by listening and second by putting together practices and procedures that address these issues.

William L Miller Sr., Former Publisher/Editor