Medical Marijuana

Four Franklin County applicants were approved to sell medical marijuana.

The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) announced it has issued a total of 192 licenses for medical marijuana dispensary facilities. The full list was made public Friday afternoon after The Missourian went to press.

A total of 24 dispensary facilities will be licensed per congressional district in Missouri. The state is divided into eight congressional districts.

Dispensaries are where medical marijuana is sold.

The approved applicants are Columbia Care MO, 1380 High St., Washington; Missouri Health & Wellness, 10 Franklin Ave., Washington; Green Gryphon, 6 Dell Centre Way, Union; and LSA314, 1909 N. Service Road, St. Clair.

Several other applicants were denied by the state. Denial notices were sent to Crown Wellness, 715 Jefferson St., Washington; White Earth Inc., 1115 E. Fifth St., Washington; Higher Elevations, 911 Miller St., St. Clair; Union Medical Marijuana Dispensary , 95 Independence Dr., Union; 

PACIFICCODISPENSARY, 538 E. Osage St., Pacific; MWM Industries, 1043 E. Osage St., Pacific; GMT Counsulting, 3202 W. Osage St., Pacific; Contemporary Yields MO, 1340 Thornton St., Pacific; Green Arch Botanical, 180 Lamar Parkway, Pacific; 

Salute Health, 1013 N. Olive St., Sullivan; Greener Grass, 105 Progress Parkway, Sullivan; and Alternative Care Dispensary, 36804 E. Old Pink Hill Road, Oak Grove. 

For more information check out the Wednesday edition of The Missourian.