After an increase of 291 infections in the month of July, Franklin County ranks 15th in the state overall for COVID-19 cases.

The county began July with 205 cases and averaged 10 new cases each day for the entire month.

Eight new cases were reported Friday, bringing the county total to 496.

Those cases include four in Washington, two in Sullivan and one each in Union and Robertsville, ranging in age from 22 to 67.

There were also eight new virus recoveries in the county Friday, bringing the overall total to 357 with 203 of those coming in July.

The Franklin County Health Department reports three COVID-19-related hospitalizations in Franklin County.

There are currently 813 Missouri residents hospitalized with COVID-19 complications, according to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS).

Franklin County now has 121 active cases with eight being residents of long-term care facilities.

After several weeks of new cases being reported in mostly younger residents, the 19 new cases Thursday consisted of 11 men and eight women, ranging in age from 29 to 74.

There were six cases in Pacific; five in Washington; two each in St. Clair and New Haven; and one each in Union, Sullivan, Robertsville and Lonedell.

There were no new recoveries Thursday.

On Wednesday, 29 new recoveries werereported and only five new cases.

The recoveries included residents ages 17 to 75. There were eight recoveries in Washington; six in Union; four in St. Albans; three in New Haven; two in Sullivan; and one each in Beaufort, Gerald, Gray Summit, Leslie and Pacific.

The highest single days for recoveries in the month were July 22, with 45 recoveries, and July 23, with 36 recoveries.

There have been 48,834 Missouri residents infected with the virus, contributing to 1,233 deaths.

Despite its proximity to four of the top 10 COVID-19 counties, Franklin County ranks 15th out of 114 counties for the most COVID-19 cases. Franklin County is the 12th most populous county in Missouri.

As of Friday, St. Louis leads the state with 12,297 cases, prompting officials in that county to tighten social distancing and decrease gathering sizes earlier in the week.

Kansas City ranks second in the state with 5,672 cases and St. Louis City is third with 4,351 cases.

Neighboring St. Charles County is fourth in the state with 3,288 cases; Jackson County in western Missouri ranks fifth.

Jefferson County ranks sixth in the state with 1,231 cases, less than half of Jackson County.

Warren County has 144 cases, and Crawford County has only 40 confirmed cases.

There are currently 27 Missouri counties with less than 20 COVID-19 cases with Holt County and its 4,900 residents in the northwestern portion of the state being the lowest with just six COVID-19 cases.