Union Expressway Project

Submitted Rendering

The Franklin County Commission acted in good faith Tuesday by signing a large contract for multiple services on the proposed Union expressway and roundabout bypassing the intersection of Highways 47 and 50 in Union.

Franklin County has teamed up with the city of Union to complete the $10.2 million project in five years by using a patchwork of federal and state grants paired with local matches from the city and county.

According to the deal reached between Union and Franklin County, the county will pay for the roundabout and Union will foot the bill for the expressway. 

In the contract approved this week, compensation for roundabout grant application services, the design and bidding phase, and con

struction phase shall be paid to Cochran Engineering, Union, totaling $285,095.

According to the contract, a lump sum of $5,000 will be paid for grant application services outlined in the proposal.

If the application is not approved, Cochran will reimburse the entire fee to the county.

If the grant is awarded by the East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWGW), the total fee to be paid for the design and bidding phase will be a lump sum of $169,864.

The total fee for the construction phase outlined in the proposal will be a lump sum of $110,411.

In mid-December, Union signed a similar, more expensive deal with Cochran to provide the same services for the expressway portion of the project.

For Union’s grant application, Cochran will receive a fee of $500. If the grant is awarded, Cochran will be paid $793,845 during the design and bidding phase and $595,384 during the construction phase.


Under the agreement, both sides will work to secure funding to create a mile-long, two-lane expressway to bypass the intersection of Highways 50 and 47 in Union. The “Union Expressway” also would realign the northern section of Highway 47 to meet in a straight line with the southern portion.

The roadway portion of the expressway includes a 2,000-foot section of bridge over the Bourbeuse River and corresponding flood plain.

The design of the expressway will run from Highway 47 at Old County Farm Road to the current alignment of south Highway 47 at Highway 50.

The northern end of the expressway will feature a two-lane roundabout on Highway 47 and the southern portion will culminate in a four-way stop intersection.

The total cost of the roadway is estimated at $10,209,738.01. The city intends to apply for federal grants to cover around $6,936,406, meaning the local share would be approximately $3,273,332.

The roundabout carries an estimated price tag of $1,978,915.60. The county also will apply for grant funding and said the local share is approximately $660,003.

The total local share for the roadway and roundabout would be $3,933,335. The city and county both agreed to a 50/50 split of the local share if both grants are awarded. 

The agreement is void if the grants are not received.

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