Holiday Preparations

Several small American flags wave in the breeze Wednesday afternoon after being placed at the end of West Street in St. Clair by resident Cathy Johnson. Johnson, who lives on that street, placed the flags there as well as in the yards of every residence on the street in recognition of Memorial Day on Monday. In all, Johnson used 52 flags to decorate her street.   

Statewide, 972,777 total ballots were cast for Republican and Democratic, Constitution, Libertarian and Green Party candidates during the Missouri presidential preference primary Tuesday.

Democratic ballots numbered 660,683 and 309,211 Republican ballots were cast. An additional 2,256 people voted Libertarian, 716 Constitution and 511 Green Party statewide.

In Franklin County, voter turnout was only 20.7 percent with 14,748 ballots cast. There are 71,182 registered voters in the county.

County residents selected 8,177 ballots for Democratic candidates and 6,529 were cast for Republicans.


Former Vice President Joe Biden collected 59 percent of the Democratic votes in Franklin County to defeat his closest rival, Bernie Sanders, who had 35 percent.

Biden won 4,827 votes to Sanders’ 2,861. Of the 22 Democrats on the primary ballot, Michael Bloomberg (131) and Elizabeth Warren (111) were the only other candidates to even reach triple digits.

Rounding out the top five vote-getters in Franklin County was Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard with 64 votes.

The only other candidates even in double digits were Amy Klobuchar, 48; Pete Buttigieg, 40; Tom Steyer, 13; and Andrew Yang, 11, making up a combined 1.37 percent of the votes cast.

Another 40 people marked uncommitted on their ballots.

William Haas had seven votes; Steve Burke, six; Cory Booker, four; Leonard Steinman, three; and Marianne Williamson, Velma Steinman and Henry Hewes had two votes each.

John Delaney, Robby Wells and Michael Bennet only mustered one vote each, and Roque De La Fuente, Julian Castro and Deval Patrick all had zero.

Statewide, there were 660,083 Democratic ballots cast Tuesday and Biden collected 396,826 votes, or 60.1 percent.

Sanders was second with 34.5 percent, or 228,244 votes and Bloomberg, had 9,754 votes, equalling only 1.4 percent.

Rounding out the top five were Elizabeth Warren with 8,066 (1.2 percent) and Tulsi Gabbard with 4,838 votes, or .73 percent. 


Statewide, President Donald Trump collected 299,458 votes, which was 96.8 percent of the total 309,211 Republican ballots.

The four Republicans on the ballot against Trump only garnered 5,571 votes combined and another 4,182 marked uncommitted on their ballots.

In Franklin County, Trump collected 97.3 percent, or 6,349 votes of the total 6,529 Republican ballots cast. Only 113 votes were cast for other Republicans on the ballot and 60 people were uncommitted.


Statewide, 716 people cast ballots for the Constitution Party.

In Franklin County, 13 total votes were cast for two candidates. 

Don Blankenship received six votes, Don Grundmann, two, and five people were uncommitted.


The Green Party collected 511 votes throughout the state of Missouri on Tuesday.

In Franklin County, only four total votes were cast. Two for Howie Dawkins and two were uncommitted.


Behind the two major parties, the Libertarian Party received the third most votes statewide with 2,256.

In Franklin County, only 25 people selected the ballots for that party and 22 votes went to Jacob Hornberger and three were uncommitted.


Overall, Missouri primary voting was down significantly this year from 2016 when 1,572,299 total ballots were cast. 

In the primary four years ago, Donald Trump came out in front of a field of 13 Republican candidates, collecting 383,631 of the total 939,270 Republican ballots cast.

Trump received 84,173 less votes statewide Tuesday than he did in 2016.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton defeated nine opponents to collect 312,25 of the total 629,425 Democratic ballots cast.

Of note, Bernie Sanders finished second in the 2016 Missouri primary with 310,711 votes, which is 82,467 more than the 228,244 he received Tuesday.

In 2012, only 326,438 total ballots were cast in the presidential primary election.

Then incumbent President Barack Obama received 64,435 of the Democratic votes cast.

Republican Rick Santorum won the state with 139,272 votes eight years ago.

Mitt Romney, who eventually became the Republican nominee, finished second in Missouri with 63,882 votes.

In 2008, 1,415,951 total ballots were cast in the presidential primary.

For the Republicans, John McCain received 194,053 votes to defeat 11 other candidates for the party nomination.

Barack Obama was one of nine Democrats vying for the nomination of that party.

He won Missouri in 2008 with 406,917 votes and Hillary Clinton was second with 395,185.