Franklin County Courthouse

After repeated problems, Franklin County is ditching its Kronos workforce management software and returning to its previous provider, Automatic Data Processing Inc. (ADP).

The change is expected to cost the county around $8,000 more.

The county switched to Kronos about a year ago and since then has had problems with Kronos sending out incorrect W-2 tax forms and not getting corrected ones resent for months until April. County officials also said the Kronos system was cumbersome, with simple tasks taking more time.

“A job that used to take one of my (employees) a half hour to do now takes four days,” County Clerk Tim Baker said.

The county also had issues with customer service with Kronos, said Presiding Commissioner Tim Brinker, who called the situation with Kronos a “quasi-speed bump.”

“We felt like we were a small fish in their big pond, and we started getting treated like that,” he said, “which expedited the transition back more hastily than it probably would have been.”

The county is expected to return to ADP in June. Brinker said issues the county previously had with the company’s product have been resolved.

“ADP, they did not have a mechanism at the time when we left them to be able to do automated clocks and things like this,” he said. “Since we’ve left them, they have added that to their repertoire, and Kronos was, quite frankly, very challenging for Franklin County to deal with.”

Brinker was not aware of any early termination fees to get out of the county’s agreement with Kronos.

Baker said the switch to Kronos could have been avoided if commissioners had discussed the issues with other elected officials and department heads before making the change. “I’m all for saving dollars and doing things that will streamline us, but when you have other offices involved, they need to be brought to the table,” he said. “I think that’s huge. We didn’t know about it until it happened.”

Then issues with the Kronos system led to several contentious discussions at county meetings, with the W-2 problems causing particular concern among employees.

The change will be good for Franklin County residents, Baker said.

Kronos merged with Ultimate Software to become Ultimate Kronos Group in April 2020. The combined companies are based in Lowell, Massachusetts, and Weston, Florida.

ADP is based in Roseland, New Jersey.