The Washington Civic Industrial Corporation at its annual meeting last week elected board members and officers.

Bob Dobsch was elected president. He replaces Bill Miller Sr., who was not a candidate for re-election and who remains on the board in an advisory capacity. Dobsch will continue as treasurer.

Replacing Miller on the board was Pete Tobben, who was elected vice president. Tobben also is president of the Washington Redevelopment Corporation.

All of the other board members and officers were re-elected. They are:

Bill Straatmann, secretary, Walter Hellebusch, assistant secretary, Mike Marquart, Rick Hopp, Gael Wood, Dr. Jon Bauer and Dick Oldenburg.

Advisory board members who were re-elected are:

Rick Hodges, Sal Maniaci, who is the city’s economic development director, Dave Politte, Matt Posinski, Eric Eoloff, Mike King, Robin Bellis, Mayor Sandy Lucy and Tammy Adragna of the Chamber of Commerce staff who serves as an assistant to the secretary.

The annual treasurer’s report had been approved earlier.

Hellebusch was elected temporary chairman for the annual meeting. He conducted the election process.