Robert M. “Pete” Tobben was elected president of the Washington Redevelopment Corporation at the group’s annual meeting Wednesday at city hall. Tobben had been serving as first vice president and treasurer.

Bill Miller, Sr., who had served as president for the past 10 years, was not a candidate for re-election. He will continue to serve on the redevelopment board.

Other officers elected were Tom Holdmeier, first vice president; Bob Dobsch, second vice president; Mayor Sandy Lucy, secretary; and Tobben was re-elected treasurer. Holdmeier was second vice president.

One new board member was elected. He is Steve Strubberg. He replaces Dr. Judy Straatmann, who was not a candidate for re-election.

Other board members re-elected in addition to the officers were Steve Sullentrup, Greg Skornia, Gael D. Wood, Bill Miller, Sr., Dr. Carl Bauer, Arnie Sallaberry, Scott Breckenkamp and Andy Robinson.

The mayor, Skornia and Sullentrup represent the city of Washington on the board; Wood, Miller and Dobsch represent the Washington Civic Industrial Corporation; Holdmeier and Strubberg are the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce representatives; and directors at large are Bauer, Sallaberry, Breckenkamp, Robinson and Tobben.

Advisory board members are:

Donna K. Klott, Trent Hendrickson, Jonathan Mitchell, Bill Straatmann, Chris Eckelkamp, Jennifer Giesike, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Gary F. Terschluse, Dr. Lori VanLeer and Eric Eoloff.

The annual treasurer’s report was presented by Tobben and approved by the board.

The bylaws were amended to say the Chamber representatives do not have to be the president and chairman of its board, but two members of the Chamber.

The client and prospect update was given by City Administrator Darren Lamb in the absence of Sal Maniaci, city economic and community development director.