Shattered Glass Designs in Washington has been helping people make unique, one-of-a-kind artwork for over two years. Owner Wendy Smith-Moore got the idea for adding glass to paintings during an art lesson she was teaching at her home.

“A student of mine asked, ‘Can we add stained glass to our paintings?’ I said, ‘Well, I don’t know, but I will figure it out.’ ” Smith-Moore said.

Smith-Moore was able to figure out how to add and keep the glass on paintings by adding a resin to the canvas after the glass is added. She then played with the idea and tested it out with her students.

The newfound technique really struck Smith-Moore because it added a new dimension to the paintings. She quickly decided this would be something other people might enjoy.

“I thought this was really cool and if I could make it to where people who aren’t painters or artists can do it, people would enjoy it,” she said.

Smith-Moore relocated her home studio to 1170 W. Fifth St. and opened Shattered Glass Designs in the fall of 2018. She quickly realized that her idea was right on the mark.

“People really seemed to enjoy it because the pattern was already there, similar to a paint by number, but it is different from what they have done before,” she said.

The process for creating the paintings is very simple, making it appropriate for all ages. Patrons come in and do a painting; this can be prepainted or drawn out for them to paint in. Each painting is customized to that person.

After the painting portion of the project is done, the glass is added and then the resin is put on. It takes roughly eight hours to dry.

Patrons, however, are not limited to just canvas or glass. They have the option to create their work on other bases like wood or mirrors. There also are other items that can be glued on with the resin.

Smith-Moore explained that there is an assortment of items that can be added like beads, glass bottles or even door hangers.

In addition to the shattered glass artwork, there also are other crafts offered, including decorating geodes, laser woodwork and jewelry.

The creative workspace Smith-Moore offers has proven to be very successful, especially within the last year. She attributes a lot of that success to the hard work her family has put in alongside her, specifically her daughter, Jessica Miller, and son-in-law, Sean Miller.

“Jessica holds the pieces together. She organizes, handles booking, advertising and runs the Facebook page,” Smith-Moore said. “She also comes in and helps people with designs. And Sean, he figured out a system to keep the resin and harden separate so people could mix it themselves — which was a total game changer.”

If you stop in on the right day, one also might find some of Smith-Moore’s grandchildren in the studio assisting.

Smith-Moore said Shattered Glass Designs offers a family-friendly environment, as well as a safe place for self-expression and self-exploration.

“I feel like art teaches you about yourself and to be OK with yourself. It allows you to think outside of the box,” she said. “For example, if you make a mistake you think how do I fix it or do I go with it and make something new? But what it also does is allows people to learn about themselves and what they are interested in. I just wanted a place where people could come have fellowship, relax and get lost in their own creativity.”

Prices range from $20 to $65 depending on size and glass type. The art studio posts open studio hours, which is a time when people can come in and create whatever they want.

Shattered Glass Designs also hosts events throughout the month and offers multimedia art lessons on Tuesday and Thursday every week. In addition to art classes, there also is a small boutique where people can buy an assortment of handmade items and art pieces.

For more information, visit or visit Shattered Glass Designs Facebook page.