People tour River Sirens Hotel during open house

People tour one of the rooms at the River Sirens Hotel on 4 E. Main St. in Washington March 17 during the hotel's open house. The hotel has 11 rooms on three floors and will officially open April 1.

After two years of planning and construction delays due to the pandemic, River Sirens Hotel will welcome guests April 1 at 4 E. Main St.

“We had a while where we were short one box of siding. That’s why the side wasn’t done for like eight months or something,” co-owner Lisa Greife, 53, said. “We were one box short.

“Materials were hard,” she continued. “But I feel like we’re opening at a really good time. Everybody’s ready to get out, even if you do a staycation.”

Greife’s prediction proved accurate when more than 200 people turned out over several hours for the boutique hotel’s open house Wednesday, March 17, despite the cold and rainy weather.

Guests were invited to tour the hotel’s 11 rooms, each decorated with the hotel’s signature mermaid in a chic modern design. Among the hotel’s hallmarks: keyless entry, large windows with some offering a river view, king-sized beds, LED lighting that can change the color of the room, kitchenettes and waterfall showers.

The hallways feature dark teal walls set off by black molding and was designed to be dark on purpose, Greife said. “We were reading that it’ll keep people from talking as loud, and if it’s really bright, people will be (louder).”

Washington’s director of tourism, Emily Underdown, said the hotel’s opening signals that the area is on its way to recovering from the yearlong slowdowns and shutdowns resulting from the pandemic.

“This new hotel is bringing more lodging to downtown Washington, which is something we really needed,” said Cassidy Lowery, events and promotion specialist with Downtown Washington Inc. “It’ll positively impact our business, events and district as a whole, and we are very excited.”

Underdown said the modern boutique hotel adds diversity to the local hotel scene. Other nearby accommodations include the Old Dutch Hotel & Tavern and bed and breakfasts such as Brick Rose Beds & Donuts.

Currently 25 people have made reservations for as far out as next August at River Sirens Hotel, Chad Greife-Wetenhall, 41, said. He is a co-owner along with his brothers Nick and Dale, who is also Greife’s husband, and Dale’s son, Will.

They spent over $1 million to purchase and renovate the building, according to previous Missourian reporting. Greife and her husband are the designers and contractors. Rooms cost $150 to $175 per night, according to the hotel’s website,

“It’s a feat,” Greife said of the opening. “It’s been a family affair on both sides.”