Dr. Jennifer Allen has announced the opening of a second location for her direct primary care practice, New Freedom Family Medicine. 

Allen will continue to serve patients in Hermann, while expanding to Washington.

The Hermann office is located at 127 E. 4th St., and the Washington office is at 1380 High St., Suite 1.

As a board certified family physician, Allen said she understands what people, young and old, are seeking in a healthcare provider today. She believes that developing a genuine relationship with patients has the power to change lives. 

Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care is a medical payment model where patients pay the physician directly through a monthly membership.

The membership fee covers most of the services a physician may provide in the office, including EKGs, urinalysis, pregnancy tests, strep tests and other services. 

By being members of the practice, patients will receive special discounts on medications and lab tests.

New Freedom Family Medicine team provides full-service, multi-generational family medicine and personal care under the direct primary care model.

For more information, visit www.NewFreedomFamilyMed.com or call 573-271-2927.