Electrical boxes can be an eyesore, but the owner of the Blu Room Wellness Center came up with an idea to make one eye-catching.

Parks and Recreation Director Wayne Dunker said Zoe Florence, owner of the wellness center, approached him in March about the electrical box at Rennick Riverfront Park near the Waterworks Building downtown.

Dunker said Florence suggested that the box be painted by Jenny Willis, a kindergarten teacher at Washington West.

Dunker brought the proposed project to the parks board, which voted unanimously to approve the project on the condition that it received approval from the arts council, which gave the project the green light this week.

Blu Room Wellness Center will be sponsoring and organizing the project.

Florence said she came up with the idea after she saw Willis’ front door, which Willis had designed and painted.

Florence asked her if she could do the same design on the electrical box.

The art on the door includes a stained-glass design and features the sun and a lotus flower. On the electrical box the artwork will be displayed on the two broad sides of the box.

“I am really excited about doing this project and being able to spread joy through art,” Willis said.

The project will begin in the next few weeks, and the goal is to have it completed by the end of August or early September, Willis said.