The idea for a boutique hotel in Pacific launched with the Blakely family’s unplanned stay at a Chattanooga hostel dubbed The Crash Pad.

The hostel, a renovated residence, so appealed to the Blakelys that they made plans to build their own.

That was five years ago. Last week, they broke ground on their dream: The Landing Pad, a $2.4 million boutique hotel on 10 acres at 1020 SSR OO. It’s designed to appeal both to solo travelers and large families like the Blakelys who enjoy vacationing together.

Located property once owned by the Hoven family, the hotel will accommodate 75 guests when completed, with bookings expected to start in January 2021.

“Just as our families are not traditional any longer, neither should our options be for traveling,” said Landing Hub co-owner Jen Blakely, whose previous experience includes operating five Airbnb locations in Pacific.

“Our hotel will be unlike others, especially for those times you’re going on a trip with your kids, bonus kids, their friends and grandparents. There will be enough space for guests to cook together, stay together, get some work done in our work space area, sit around the fire pit, or just hang in a hammock,” she said.

“The idea of a communal kitchen is a must for us and groups like ours. We also loved having a spot where our children could hang out with teenagers from other cities, playing checkers, sharing stories and becoming quick friends,” she said.

Landing Hub Parameters

The first phase will include a 10,000-square-foot sleeping quarters in a two-story building located on three acres on the site. Blakely said it will have 15 separate rooms that come in a combination of bunks and queen-sized beds. Some of the rooms will sleep six to eight people. There also will be a bridal suite, complete with a jacuzzi and private balcony.

Some of the rooms will include private kitchen areas, however, there also will be a common kitchen/dining area that can be used by all guests. A self-contained kosher kitchen is planned, which the owners believe will be the first of its kind west of Interstate 270.

Other amenities include an outdoor swimming pool and a pet friendly design. “We hope that the hundreds of guests from Purina Farms who have stayed with us through Airbnb over the years will return and enjoy our professional perks,” Blakely said. Those will include a dog park, with separate areas for professional show dogs and agility courses, along with a dog wash.

An on-site mountain bike and ski equipment storage area also will be available.

Blakely and her life partner, Shane Mayer, are co-owners of the hotel, and they also own Pinnacle Plus Services, a cleaning company at 119 N. 1st St., in Pacific. Other investors in The Landing Hub are Wildwood residents Ken and Aimee Murer.

The couples met through their love of snow skiing and traveled together to different competitions.

Abigail Murer has medaled in national snow ski competitions and the U.S. Junior Olympics, and Ken Murer and Shane Mayer were coaches at Wildwood-based Hidden Valley Ski Resort.

Ken Murer, who had recently sold his database marketing company, APC ISG, purchased the 10-acre property. He said the project was made possible through the collaboration of the Pacific mayor and chamber of commerce.

Ballwin-based Jeff Day & Associates is the architect for the hotel; the contractor is St. Louis-based RPA Construction Services.

Blakely said while she and Mayer work with several banks, they received support for the hotel project from First State Community Bank in Pacific.

Pacific Mayor Steve Myers said this hotel is “one breath of fresh air” for the community. “We haven’t had this type of hotel, ever. So, for this type of experience, people are going to be able to say ‘you’re only going to find that here in Pacific.’ We embrace you and want to help you as much as possible,” he stated at the groundbreaking.

Larger groups will be able to book the entire hotel for their private stays, Blakely said, adding it’s the perfect destination for business training, retreats, weddings and other celebrations. The hotel also will feature a smaller event space.