Outside of Marthasville, on a 20-acre farm, Martin Weber, wife Lynn DeLean-Weber and daughter Tess DeLean are making waves in the brandy business.

The family has been running Edelbrand Pure Distilling from their farm since 2013. In just four years, they have grown their brandy business from a small nano distillery into an area provider.

Lynn DeLean-Weber, a Montessori teacher by day and the CEO of Edelbrand in her free time, said the distillery is run by the family on the weekends.

In 2013, the distillery made 126 bottles of its brandy and sold the entire stock within a week. Currently, the company produces roughly 1,100-1,200 bottles each year.

Martin Weber, who distills and crafts the brandies, was born and raised in Switzerland, where he discovered his love for the fruity spirits. He came to the U.S. 30 years ago, dreaming of combining his day job of engineering with the science of distilling. In 2013, that dream became a reality.

The couple’s daughter, Tess DeLean, manages the distillery’s online communications and social media.

DeLean-Weber said she, her daughter and husband work together to continue to grow the Edelbrand name. The business is entirely family run.

Edelbrand brandies are distilled through a complex step-by-step process in 7-, 12- and 18-gallon copper pot stills.

DeLean-Weber said each bottle has a unique taste because of her husband’s distilling process. She said Martin tries to use as many locally grown fruits as possible in the process.

“This is a very dry spirit. It has sweet notes, but there’s no additives in it,” she said. “It is typically served as an after dinner drink. I just love that it gives people an opportunity to sit and enjoy themselves after a meal.”

Earlier this year, Edelbrand was recognized at the Mid-American Wine Competition, a regional competition with competitors from 18 states. The distillery also received the best spirit award for its plum brandy at the Washington Cup, a national spirits competition and several other recognitions.

DeLean-Weber said the family was surprised and pleased by the awards, as it was their first year competing at any level.

“We’re just thrilled to come home with a lot of awards that we weren’t expecting,” she said. “You still can’t wipe the smile off of my husband’s face.”

Currently, Edelbrand brandies can be found in several restaurants in the area, including the Old Dutch in Downtown Washington. Their products can be purchased at www.edelbrandpuredistilling.com. The family business also can be found on Facebook.