Scudder & Co. Coffee on Main

Scudder & Co. Coffee on Main recently expanded its business and is now serving food. In addition to the new menu, the restaurant has made some renovations to the inside of its dining and checkout areas. From left are Jerry Scudder, owner, Jeremiah Driver, Jess Seiter and Maddy Pecka, all employees.

Scudder & Co. Coffee on Main used the time it was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic to make  renovations to not only the space inside the building but also its menu.

Coffee shop owner, Jerry Scudder, said his business closed for four weeks and reopened May 4.

“The coffee shop never had to close but we wanted to make some renovations,” Scudder said. “We also closed because we knew financially we could.”

During that time, Scudder changed the layout of the shop’s dining space to accommodate the addition of a candy, coffee, lotions and candle display. The shop’s checkout counter space also was moved to make room for a food prep area that will be added behind the counter, including a bakery area for pastries from Mama Bear Cake Company.

Menu Added

“A food menu was something people have always asked us to do,” Scudder said. “We have been told we have great coffee, but now we have something customers can pair it with.”

The menu includes breakfast and brunch items, including waffles, breakfast sandwiches, bagels and grab-and-go containers with food items like fruit.

“Our food is made fresh every day and is never frozen,” Scudder said. “We have focused on providing the best ingredients and products for both food and coffee.”

Scudder said the additon of a food menu has boosted revenue for the business. “The food menu is making up roughly 20 percent of our sales, give or take,” Scudder said. “In turn, that 20 percent is helping replenish the loss the coffee shop saw due to COVID-19.”

For more information on Scudder & Co. Coffee on Main, visit or its Facebook page at scudderco.