A new facility for dogs was granted permission to operate in Union.

The Union Board of Aldermen recently approved a conditional use permit to allow the operation of a training, daycare, grooming and boarding facility for dogs. The business will be located at 1230 W. Springfield in a B-2 highway business zoning district.

Property owner Eugene R. Platt requested the permit. Stefanie Kitcher, owner of Poochy Smooches: The K9 Company, will operate the business on the property.

Kitcher told the city’s planning and zoning commission in September the facility would allow her to train and groom dogs. A daycare also will be part of the business, and for longer stays, the K9 Company will offer boarding.

Kitcher said the whole facility is double fenced. She said the dogs will never be left unattended. She said the facility will be able to house up to 25 dogs.

The plan is to operate Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Kitcher pointed out dog kennels are regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture. She said that means the business has to comply with a whole set of rules above and beyond what the city would require.

At the planning and zoning meeting, commissioners pointed out the location along Springfield and near Highway 50 seemed ideal for a dog kennel. It was noted that there aren’t many neighbors in the area that would be impacted by barking dogs.

Another plan board member pointed out the facility is within a reasonable distance from the Franklin County Humane Society and felt that is a plus.

The plan board applied no conditions to the permit.

At the aldermen meeting, board members expressed similar remarks. Aldermen noted the location is not in a residential area so a kennel would fit.

Aldermen also opted to approve the permit request with no conditions.

There were no public comments at either board meetings. 

New Server for Police

Also at the October board meeting, aldermen backed a plan to replace a computer server for the police department.

Police Chief Andrew Parker said the current server is 11 years old and while still working, is running on an outdated operating system.

The operating system will be unusable soon, so the department requested moving forward with a new server.

Parker said the new server, simply by the virtue of being up to date, would be an improvement on the current system.

There is no money in the current budget for a new server. However, Parker noted there is money set aside for a technology project. The department had planned to covert a lobby bathroom into a new room. Plans called for it to house equipment.

Parker said that project is no longer a priority — at least for now. He said getting a new server is more important and proposed using monies for bathroom project to purchase the new server.

He said there is “more than enough” money budgeted for that project to cover the cost of the server. Based on the state bid, he said the server is expected to cost $4,116.