The building at the corner of Main and Jefferson Street in Downtown Washington is being renovated for a boutique hotel.

Washington native and resident Lisa Brown Griefe is in the process of remodeling the building at 4 E. Main St. It originally housed a travel center and later became a call center.

Now the building will have a totally different new purpose later this year as a hotel, which Griefe feels it was always meant to be.

“With the stairs and the layout of the building, it has a hotel vibe,” she said.

The Sirens Hotel will have a total of 11 rooms and one of those will have full handicapped accessibility.

Modern Design

As a former software salesperson, Griefe has done an extraordinary amount of travel herself and took her own experiences into account when planning the hotel’s design.

“I really thought about what I liked and did not like about hotels I’ve stayed at, and what I have heard from other travelers,” she said. “That influenced what I decided to put in the rooms.”

The amenities that guests can expect to see are decks in each of the rooms, a water closet, manual fog mirrored glass for shower doors and kitchenettes.

According to Griefe, there will be no front desk or a person the hotel guests will be required to speak to when checking in or out.

“That has always been a complaint I have heard from people traveling, is that you have to talk to someone,” she said.

The process for checking in and out of the hotel has not been finalized, but Griefe said she does have a general idea of how it will work.

Griefe plans on coming up with a way to have patrons check in and out of the hotel through an app. Guests would then scan in or receive a code to enter the building and then their room.

“The hotel will still be secure and doors to enter the hotel and rooms will be locked,” she said. “No one will be able to come in without having scanned or used a code.”

Working Traveler

The hotel is being designed with the intent that it would be geared toward people who come to Washington for work, Griefe said.

“The purpose of putting the kitchenettes in the room is so that it will appeal to those who are traveling for work and will be here for a couple of days,” she explained. “It gives them the option to be able to eat from their hotel room rather than having to eat out.”

While Griefe hopes to see an influx of work travelers after opening, she hopes that people who visit Washington on the weekends for events also will take advantage.

Coming Soon

The hotel will be posted on sites like Airbnb, according to Griefe/

There is no set date for the project to be finished or when the hotel will open, but Griefe anticipates that the project will be done by August of this year.

For updates on the hotel or for more information, visit the Sirens Hotel Facebook Page.