The Washington Building Department issued 118 permits in October, up slightly from last year.

The total estimated construction cost for the permits issued last month is $10,693,392, which is more than $9 million more than October 2018.

In October 2018 there were 114 permits issued with an estimated construction cost of $1,389,931.

Much of the estimated construction costs last month are for two industrial alteration permits issued to Melton Machine & Control Company (MMCC), located at 901 Melton Drive.

The permits are for new buildings estimated to cost $3,900,000 and $4,600,000, for a total of $8,500,000, to build.

MMCC is building a 367,000-square-foot facility that will more than double the size of Melton’s current operations and will include a 74,000-square-foot corporate office, training and conference space.

The building department also issued a permit for commercial alteration for sinks and counter tops at 5 W. Second St. The estimated construction cost is $5,000.

Listed below is a breakdown of the other types of projects, number of permits issued and estimated construction costs, if applicable, for those projects:

Commercial fire inspections, three;

Electrical meter, five, $600;

Floodplain development, one;

Grading, one;

Fire alarm system, one, $660,000;

Accessory building, one;

Antenna, one, $25,000;

Deck, four, $20,000;

Demolition, one;

Miscellaneous, eight;

Commercial occupancy, three;

Multifamily occupancy, 21;

Single-family occupancy, 52;

Two-family occupancy, five;

Residential alteration, five, $79,850;

Multifamily building,one, $925,000; and

Single-family building, $477,942.