DTM Gyros is bringing a little bit of Greece to Washington.

The new Greek restaurant opened Nov. 14 at 1621 A. Roy Drive, near Walmart.

While the restaurant itself is unique in what it serves, it’s the story behind it that makes it special.

Owner Donika Muzhai is an Albania native who later moved to Greece and migrated to St. Louis in 1992. In 2007, she relocated to Washington and has been calling it home ever since.

Muzhai married into a Greek family and  that combined with living in Greece made her fall in love with the culture and the food.

“For a long time, it has been my dream to open a restaurant. My husband’s family is from Greece and while I lived there I enjoyed this type of food,” explained Muzhai.

She added that her love for food runs in the family.

“My husband’s family owned a restaurant in Country Corners (shopping center) and my sister owns a bakery overseas,” she said.

Muzhai’s passion for food and her background made opening this restaurant a natural step.

“My mom wanted to do this as a way to give back to Washington,” said Katie Botonis, Muzhai’s daughter. “We have lived here a long time and it has become home. She (Muzhai) has always been such a great cook and has always wanted to do something like this.

“She opened this restaurant so that families can come enjoy meals and feel at home, which is something my mom does best.”

DTM Gyros uses fresh ingredients. Dips and dressing are all made in-house. The restaurant also offers two Greek desserts, baklava and karidopita, which are not only made in-house, but are made from a family recipe.

In addition to the Greek desserts, it also offers specialty desserts, which are a variety of cakes from Chicago that are rotated biweekly.

The restaurant does not accept call-in orders, but it does offer a to-go option when ordering food.

The menu includes salads, suflakyi (kebabs), gyros, bowls, fries (both Greek and American), falafel balls and desserts. The restaurant also offer all inclusive vegetarian options that can be modified to be vegan. 

DTM Gryos is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

To learn more about DTM Gyros, visit its Facebook page at DTM Gryos.