New Quiz Weekly Winner

Congratulations to Luke Imus, a 4th-grade student at St. Bridgett School, for winning this week’s News Quiz. Luke was selected in a random drawing from all entries this week – and had the correct answers! See them below. Luke wins a $15 gift card from one of our Missourian In Education News Quiz sponsors: Imo’s Pizza in Washington and Union and Sugarfire Smoke House in Washington.

Here are the answers to this week’s quiz:

The presidential primary is Tuesday in Missouri. How many candidates are on the ballot? Is Missouri a winner-take-all state?

There are 33 candidates on the ballot for president. In Missouri. Unlike some states, in Missouri, the winner of the primary does not take all of the 78 delegates in play for the presidential nomination.

What will the new hotel in Washington be called?

The hotel, scheduled to open later this year, will be called The Sirens Hotel.

What is the nickname give to Benjamin Franklin’s short, memorable messages promoting thrift?

Benjamin Franklin’s maxims are called “Benjamins.”

Thanks for participating in the News Quiz!