"Around the Table that Granddad Built"

Certain items carry deep meaning—a lace tablecloth that’s Aunt Betty’s, a teapot from Nana’s china cabinet, or a stamp collection passed down by Uncle Harry. “Around the Table That Grandad Built,” by Melanie Heuiser Hill, focuses on a cherished, handmade piece of furniture.

This picture book is the newest chosen as a Baby Buzz Pick. Each month Chris Stuckenschneider, Missourian Book Editor, and Maria Brady-Smith, former Parent Educator with the Washington School District, select a book for little ones birth to age 5 and review the story in the second weekend issue of “The Missourian.”

The following review was written by Brady-Smith.

For many of us, the best memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas are gathering with extended family and friends. We remember cousins playing together, adults visiting, and everyone contributing to a wonderful meal.

“Around the Table That Grandad Built” by Melanie Heuiser Hill is a story that reminds us to be grateful for these times. It is a cumulative story that celebrates intergenerational love and the unique contributions of each person—from sunflowers picked by cousins, to silverware gifted long ago by Dad’s grandma, to napkins sewed by Mom, to dishes overflowing with a variety of food.

Illustrations by Jaime Hill are lovely in their detail and really give life to the theme of unity in diversity.

This heartfelt story ends with a prayer of thanksgiving:

“For these hands we hold,

for tasty good food,

for family and friends,

for grace that is given

and love that is shared,

we give thanks….

around this table that Grandad built.”

This entire book is a celebration and the perfect holiday read for grandparents, parents and children alike.