The Baby Buzz Pick for May focuses on the importance of dirt in a variety of seasons and locales. Kids will identify with the homey, rural scenes and busy work taking place in “Dirt: A John Deere Peek-a-Flap,” by Jack Redwing.

Each month The Missourian chooses a book for little ones birth to age 5. A review of the book appears in the second weekend issue of the newspaper.

The reviews are written by Maria Brady-Smith, former parent/educator with the Washington School District, and Chris Stuckenschneider, Missourian book editor.

The following review was written by Brady-Smith:

“Dirt,” a thick little board book, is packed full of fun and information for young learners and do-ers. It starts out in spring on the farm with the planting and sprouting.

“When we say dirt, we mean soil,” the author writes, and we see pictures of what is going on above and below the ground thanks to bright, detailed illustrations by Jen Taylor.

The pictures are all labeled and to add to children’s enjoyment there are chunky, durable flaps to keep little hands opening and discovering more. Because “Dirt” is a John Deere book, there are many kinds of tractors pictured in the book as well.

After planting season on the farm, we visit a forest, a construction site, the park and finally end up back on the farm for harvesting season and the preparing of the soil for next year.

There is a lot to see and read about in “Dirt,” a little book that children will enjoy listening to and exploring over and over again on their own.

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