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Classroom newspaper subscriptions for the Missourian In Education program get underway this year with the Sept. 7-8 Weekend Missourian, which will be delivered to schools Monday, Sept. 9. New this year, The Missourian is offering teachers the option of selecting to receive either print or digital editions for their classroom. To register, educators should visit emissourian.com/mie.

Back in 1804 when Lewis and Clark embarked on their expedition out West, they stopped at a small French settlement known as La Charrette on the north bank of the Missouri River near present day Marthasville.

The Corps of Discovery Expedition spent the evening of May 25, 1804, here, and two years later on Sept. 20, 1806, they stopped here again on their return home.

Today, La Charrette is gone, perhaps washed away by flooding in the 1840s, but no one really knows for sure.

It’s a ghost town, and Missourian readers can learn more about it through a seven-part series that will begin running in the newspaper in November. Other towns that will be included in the series are North Washington, Anaconda, Whitmire Settlement and nearby Reedville, New Port and Dundee, and Moselle.

“Ghost Towns” is one of many features Missourian readers will find in the newspaper this school year as part of the annual Missourian In Education program, which provides newspapers to teachers free of charge so they can use them in the classroom as part of the curriculum.

The Missourian In Education program is available to teachers in all communities served by The Missourian. Classroom newspaper subscriptions are provided at no cost to educators, thanks to support from community partners. The Missourian also publishes educational content inside the newspaper each week to promote learning.

This year’s program focuses heavily on history, which only seems appropriate in a school year that includes the end of the Franklin County Bicentennial and the start of the Missouri Bicentennial, said Dawn Kitchell, educational services director at The Missourian.

A four-part series on “Finding Your Place in History” that helps students (and readers) understand the importance of learning their family history will begin in the Sept. 21-22 issue. Topics will include having a “Conversation With Grandparents” and “Connecting Your History to the Bigger Picture.”

“I love the idea of kicking off the school year with ‘Finding Your Place in History,’ ” Kitchell remarked. “If we are talking about Franklin County history and Missouri history, it’s so important that kids realize that they have a place in history, that they’re making history with the things they do right now.”

Program Begins in Sept. 7-8 Issue

The Missourian In Education program will kick off the new school year with the Sept. 7-8 issue, which will be delivered to classrooms Monday, Sept. 9.

Look for features highlighting International Literacy Day (Sept. 7-8), Constitution Quiz (Sept. 14-15), Veterans Day (Nov. 9-10), the Bill of Rights (Dec. 14-15) and a Kid Scoop section of word puzzles and games in every Weekend Missourian issue.

A two-part feature on the Berlin Wall will appear in the Oct. 26-27 and Nov. 2-3 issues in honor of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on Nov. 9.

In January, a four-part financial literacy series, “All About the Benjamins,” will begin in the Jan. 4-5 issue.

The annual Read Across Missouri serial story, which will begin in February, will be centered on the Missouri Bicentennial.

The 20th annual Family Reading Night has been scheduled for Friday, March 6, at Washington Middle School. Expect for this milestone event to be a big celebration, said Kitchell.

The Missourian will hold its 10th regional spelling compeition, The Bee, on Saturday, May 2, at East Central College. ECC’s education department will partner with The Missourian to help create the study guide for students, which will be distributed to all schools in January.

“The study guide is actually more than just a way to provide the words that will be used in The Bee,” Kitchell said. “Our goal is to make it a spelling resource for all students — even those who don’t really have an interest in competing in the competition. The guide is filled with spelling tips, puzzles, games and more.”

Each year, teachers across Franklin County who sign up to use The Missourian in their classroom take advantage of these ready-made features, but many also come up with their own activities, said Kitchell.

Abby Gerling, who was the 2018 Missourian in Education Teacher of the Year, uses the newspaper every day to teach students about grammar, spelling and other English lessons. Students break into small groups of two or three and complete various assignments that she calls stations.

“I like the fact that it is hands-on and it’s real-world,” Gerling told The Missourian last December. “A lot of these kids had not really been exposed to it yet, but they love it.

“They really get involved with it,” she said. “They love seeing the pictures of people in the community. They can really identify with it, and that makes it all practical. A lot of them do come back and tell me what they read and saw.”

Best-Selling Author at Run to Read

New York Times best-selling author Chris McDougall will be the featured author at this year’s annual Run to Read event, set for Saturday, Oct. 12, at the Washington Public Library.

A writer-adventurer who has traveled the world, McDougall’s books include “Born to Run, A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen,” “Natural Born Heroes” and the upcoming “Running With Sherman,” a memoir about his experiences running with a neglected donkey.

Missourian Book Editor Chris Stuckenschneier said McDougall’s books are well-known and his new book is a feel-good story that everyone can enjoy.

“I’ve started it and am charmed by this author’s authentic voice,” she said. “Chris is a delight and has lots of ideas about how to make our Run to Read a truly unforgettable event.”

Watch The Missourian for more details on Run to Read as the event date gets closer.

Ornament Contest

Entries in The Missourian’s third annual ornament contest are due by Friday, Nov. 15. Anyone can enter, and the only rule is that the ornament is made using The Missourian newspaper.

There are four age divisions — elementary, middle and high school and adult — and winners in each age group will receive a $25 cash prize.

All of the ornaments that are submitted will be showcasd on The Missourian’s tree at the annual Festival of Trees at St. Peter’s United Church of Christ in Downtown Washington.

Kitchell said the ornament contest has quickly become a popular and interesting part of the NIE program. She is always impressed with the creativity and imagination that goes into each entry. Many are fun and playful, while others can be quite beautiful and intricate.

“Some of the most outstanding ornaments we have saved and have become a fixture on the tree each year,” said Kitchell.

Twelve of the judges’ favorite ornaments will be featured in a “12 Days of Christmas” feature on The Missourian’s social media platforms with photos leading up to Christmas Eve.

Book Buzz, News Quiz

As always, the popular Book Buzz Picks and Reviews will be published monthly. The Missourian’s award-winning Book Buzz youth literacy program, now in its 17th year thanks to the generous support of sponsors, has donated tens of thousands of children’s books to schools and libraries in Franklin and Warren counties to encourage children to read more and improve their writing.

Here’s how it works: In the first weekend issue of each month, The Missourian recommends two picture books and a chapter book, and then encourages those who read them to write reviews to submit to the paper. One review for each book is selected to appear in print, (and win a prize book) and others are posted on The Missourian’s website, emissourian.com.

The weekly News Quiz, now in its sixth year, will begin with the Oct. 5-6 issue. Any student who completes the quiz online each week at www.emissourian.com and has all of the answers correct will be entered into a drawing for that week to win a $15 gift certificate either to Imo’s Pizza in Washington and Union or Sugarfire Smoke House in Washington.

Angela Hopkins, a teacher at Campbellton Elementary and a past Missourian In Education Teacher of the Year, told The Missourian in 2014 that she found the weekly News Quiz helped her students improve their retention.

“It’s just an awesome way to pull all of these curriculum points that are kind of sterile together to be meaningful for them,” Hopkins said. “It’s not just to memorize something for a test. Now they can apply it, and that’s really what we want them to do — take these lessons that we teach them and apply it to things that are important in their lives.”

At New Haven Elementary, Gerling has her students enter the News Quiz every week, and it counts for a grade in her class.

She likes the News Quiz as a lesson for a couple of reasons — one, because it helps her students practice using context clues to find a main idea, and two, because it’s about real-life experience.

The students say they love completing the News Quiz because “it’s fun!” Several of Gerling’s students have won the weekly prize.

Teacher Appreciation Night

Neighborhood Reads and The Missourian will hold a Teacher Appreciation Night next Wednesday, Aug. 28, from 4 to 6 p.m. at the bookstore, 401 Lafayette St. in Downtown Washington.

Teachers will receive free paperback advance reader copies to use in their classroom libraries. There also will be information about the Missourian In Education program and the Book Buzz project and how they can use it to improve their students’ reading and writing abilities.

There also will be door prizes, refreshments and a 20 percent discount on all books. Teachers must present their school credentials to qualify for the discount.

Register Online to Participate, Choose Print or Digital Edition

Classroom newspaper subscriptions get underway this year with the Sept. 7-8 Weekend Missourian, which will be delivered to schools Monday, Sept. 9.

New this year, The Missourian is offering teachers the option of selecting to receive either print or digital editions for their classroom.

To register to participate in the Missourian In Education program, educators should visit emissourian.com/mie.

A calendar of planned features is available here.

Parents and educators can follow the Missourian In Education Facebook page for updates, book reviews and other literacy-related news. For more information on The Missourian’s educational outreach efforts, contact Kitchell at kitchelld@emissourian.com.