Parents and foundations around the world are joining efforts to launch a day of recognition and awareness for the alarming increase in children and teens participating in suffocation games.

This Thursday, Oct. 11, has been declared Worldwide Choking Game Awareness Day. The date, 10-11-12, also represents the age range of when children most often learn of the game.

Increasing evidence shows that children and teens are playing the game both in groups and alone. Essentially, participants cut off the oxygen supply to the brain, inducing tingling or a mild, euphoric high that lasts several seconds just before the participant loses consciousness.

It is estimated that as many as 75 percent of all U.S. children have heard of the choking game and 40 percent have no idea of the dangers.

The games can be played anywhere, so backyards, basements, playgrounds, school bathrooms, and bedrooms are favorite locales for the often-fatal game.