Patrons at Scenic Regional Library and Washington Public Library now have access to a mobile app for the libraries’ online catalogs.

Scenic Regional was the driving force behind the app, which was developed for the Missouri Evergreen member libraries.

Steve Campbell, Scenic Regional Library director, said he had wanted to create the app since 2013 when the library was integrated into the Evergreen Library System, but it was too costly.  

In June, he said he learned of an app that was being used  by Georgia Pines, NC Cardinal (North Carolina) and other statewide Evergreen Library consortia. Campbell contacted the Missouri Evergreen board and said Scenic would pay for the application and allow all libraries to be a part of the Missouri Evergreen Library system.

“The reason we went ahead and moved forward with this was so our patrons could utilize the resource,” Campbell said.

The program was estimated to cost between $2,500 to $5,000 to develop, with an additional $300 to $600 in maintenance fees annually.

Scenic Regional asked other libraries to help pay for the program, and nine libraries contributed, raising $5,000 for the project. Scenic Regional donated an additional $1,000.

Scenic Regional hired Ken Cox, the app’s developer, to develop the program and the total project cost the library system $2,400. Campbell said leftover funds will pay for the annual maintenance fees.

Nelson Appell, Washington Public Library director, said  the app is “much more user friendly” than navigating the website on a phone.

The mobile application has both an IOS and Android version. The app can be downloaded at or by searching Missouri Evergreen in your app store.