The Washington Parks and Recreation Department still has some work to do on the east portion of the Rotary Riverfront Trail at Rennick Riverfront Park in downtown Washington.

That work was a topic of discussion at the parks and recreation commission meeting, Wednesday, Oct. 7, after Tessie Steffens, park board member, reported receiving a complaint from a citizen.

“There have been a lot of things going on there and everyone needs to be aware (the Parks and Recreation Department) has been working hard to make it a nice trail,” she said.

Wayne Dunker, parks and recreation director, also reported that the department fielded two complaints last week regarding the work being done on the trail.

Dunker told The Missourian before the trail is officially completed mile markers need to be installed on both the east and west portion of the trail; bridge history signs need to be created and installed; grass needs to be planted along the old bridge piers; trimming needs to be done around the memorial bench sightlines; and debris needs to be removed. Other projects include the development and installation of a new trails map, which will include rules, and be located in the kiosk on Elbert Drive, the removal of the chain-link fence and the installation of boulders at the east end parking lot.

There are no set dates for when these projects will be completed, according to Dunker.