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The state of Missouri launched a new site for COVID-19 data and is now providing detailed testing information.

After receiving criticism for combining two different types of tests, the state has separated the numbers for its new testing count.

The dashboard includes case and death counts, cases and deaths by county, and demographics such as age and gender. It also includes the percent change in case totals at the state and county levels and information on testing and hospitalizations.

The dashboard automatically updates as new data becomes available and can be found at 

Testing Data

There are two types of tests — the PCR and serology — and both show different things.

According to the state, PCR is the swab test that test for an active infection.

A positive PCR test means an active infection, the state said.

The serology test looks for antibodies and determines if a person has a past infection. A positive serology test means someone had SARS-CoV-2, but it is not currently active.

Previously, the state and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had combined the two numbers into one testing number. The CDC was criticized last week for its combining method. Scientists said since the two tests show different things, they shouldn’t be mixed together.

The state reported 157,131 people have taken PCR tests. Of those, 11,913 people came back with positive results. 

For serology tests, 19,320 people have been tested with 710 coming back positive. 

By the Numbers

Statewide, 12,167 cases were reported as of Tuesday morning — a 1.7 percent increase in the last 24 hours.

The first positive case in Missouri is now reported to have been Feb. 2.

The state reported cases have increased by 7.9 percent in the last seven days.

The state reported there are currently 500 hospitalizations related to COVID-19.

Of the cases statewide, the largest age group impacted has been people over the age of 80. A total of 1,420 cases have been reported for this group.

The next largest age group is 65-69 years old where 1,082 cases have been reported. For the 55-59-year-old age group, 1,054 cases have been reported.

The 50-54 age group has 1,009 cases. Ages 45-49 account for 970 cases.

The least impacted age group is age 20 and under where 465 cases have been reported.

Positive patients in Missouri have largely been female. The state reported 6,590 of its cases are female, 5,507 are male and 70 are unknown.

By race, white Missourians make up 42.56 percent of the cases reported. A total of 33.66 percent of the cases are black residents. The state says 17.32 percent of cases are of an unknown race.

The state reports 685 people’s deaths can be attributed to COVID-19. The majority of those, 386, come from St. Louis County.

St. Louis City has 107 deaths and St. Charles County has 54. Franklin and Jefferson counties each have had 16 people die from the virus.

Of the deaths, 327 were reported to be over the age of 80. Ages 70-79 had 180 deaths. Ages 60-69 had 116 deaths.

One person between the age of 20-29 has died in the state. Four people between the ages of 30-39 reportedly died.

More than half, 57.52 percent, of the deaths were white people. Black individuals made up 36.64 percent of the deaths.