With state mandates being lifted starting Monday, area businesses are beginning to plan what reopening will look like in the midst of a pandemic.

The Missourian spoke with area gyms and asked them about their plans for next week.

Tri-Fitness Inc.

Steve Landing, owner of Tri-Fitness in Washington, said his gym will be open Monday morning at 7 a.m. 

“Patrons will still have 24/7 access to the gym,” he said. “We are taking extra steps this weekend to protect our members.”

The “extra steps” include disinfecting and doing a deep clean of the facility and spacing out gym equipment so it meets the 6-foot social distancing mandate, Landing reported.

At this time he has no plans to restrict the number of patrons in the building, but will make sure they abide by the 6 foot social distancing rule.

For more information about Tri-Fitness, visit its Facebook page TriFitnessHealthCenterInc.

Present Moment Yoga

Present Moment Yoga in Washington will reopen Monday, according to owner Melissa Duchatschek, who explained that for her studio she will only be able to have 10 to 12 students inside at a time to be in compliance with the 6-foot social distancing requirement.

“I will be having students sign up online for in-person classes,” she said. “When the in-person class is full, students can attend the Zoom version of the class.”

Duchatschek stressed that all equipment will be disinfected and sanitized, and trapezes will be washed after every use.

For more information about Present Moment Yoga, visit https://www.presentmomentyoga.com/ or the studio’s Facebook page, PresentMomentYoga.

CrossFit Washington

Brady Schwartz, owner of CrossFit Washington and Washington Wellness and Nutrition, said his gym will reopen Monday morning at 5 a.m.

Schwartz said that class schedules will remain the same as before, but class sizes will be restricted to nine athletes and one instructor at a time.

“Duct tape will be put on the floor to mark 6 feet, so people can social distance during classes,” he said.

Members can sign up for the class prior to its scheduled time through CrossFit Washington’s mobile application.

Extra sanitation precautions also will be taken, said Schwartz, who explained that all equipment that was leased to members while the business was closed will be disinfected before being used.

He added that patrons are encouraged to wash their hands upon their arrival and as they leave.

“We have hand sanitizer accessible as well for our athletes to use,” Schwartz said. “The gym also will be cleaned thoroughly and regularly.”

For more information on CrossFit Washington, visit https://www.crossfitwashmo.com/ or its Facebook page CrossFitWashignton.

HomeFront Fitness

 Andrew Burton, owner of HomeFront Fitness said the doors of the gym will be open at 12 a.m. Monday morning and the facility will hold its normal hours operations of 24/7.

Burton said that facility has been and will continue to be thoroughly cleaned.

“A professional cleaning crew comes in a couple of times a week and staff also will be cleaning the facility too,” he said.

Capacity will be limited to 20 members in the facility at a time and class size will be limited to 10 people.

“For classes we do have tape marks for people to be apart any way and those will be kept on the floor. Those keep them roughly 8 feet apart,” Burton said. “For cardio equipment only every other machine will be available for use, which will met the social distancing requirements as well.”

He added that there will be signs posted throughout the facility that instruct members to sanitize all equipment before after use.

For more information on HomeFront Fitness, visit https://www.homefrontfitness.com/ or its Facebook page at HomeFrontFitness.


The Four Rivers Family YMCA in Washington has a tentative soft reopening set for Monday, May 11, according to an email sent out by the facility’s executive director Becky Cox.

Patrons can expect the post-pandemic YMCA experience to look a little different.

“On May 11, we will open with very few staff and very few activities,” said Cox, adding that members might have to do without towels and there many not be locker room accessibility.

Child watch, along with group exercise classes and pool use, will be delayed at least two weeks upon opening.

“Likely we will see only usage of every other machine in the fitness center,” Cox said.

Whether or not coffee will be available is still up in the air, according to Cox. She said staff may have to serve it personally to members.

For more information on the Four Rivers Family YMCA, visit https://gwrymca.org/locations/four-rivers-family-ymca.

Editor’s Note:The Missourian was not able to contact all gyms in the area. Those not included who wish to be should email dragottok@emissourian.com.