Confirmed cases of COVID-19 doubled in Franklin County over the weekend and more results are expected as testing continues on a daily basis.

Three new cases were reported Tuesday, one Monday and five new cases on Saturday, bringing the total to 16 in Franklin County as of Wednesday morning.

As more tests are being conducted at multiple sites in the county, attaining the total pending results has become impossible.

As of now, those infected include 10 males and six females, with ages ranging from 21 to 86.

The first COVID-19 positive case was announced Monday, March 23, a female in her 50s.

Cases two, three and four, were reported Tuesday, March 24, and were all males, ages 86, 48 and 65.

Case number five, a 21-year-old female, was reported Wednesday, March 26, and cases six and seven, males 31 and 76, came in on March 27.

To date, the biggest day for new cases was Saturday, March 28, when five cases were reported. It included one male, age 42, and four females, ages 80, 58, 66 and 62.

The case reported Monday morning, March 30, and was a 85-year-old male.

The three new cases Tuesday evening were two males ages 40 and 50 and a 26-year-old female.

In order to protect their privacy, the only information being released about the positive cases are the gender and age of the patients.

In a video message to residents, Presiding Commissioner Tim Brinker addressed the county policy of not releasing the locations of the positive patients.

“It has little, if any, bearing on what you and I should be doing on a daily basis,” Brinker said. “That is keeping safe distances, staying home when possible, disinfecting frequently used surfaces or items, washing hands frequently with soap and water, all while not touching your face.” 

Stay Guarded 

Brinker also encouraged residents to continue to cooperate with social distancing guidelines and restrictions on businesses.

“Even though the weather is nicer, we can’t let our guard down,” Brinker said. “Our actions can play a larger role. We need to maintain the restrictions and hope the predictions are wrong. People watch everywhere to see what is working.”

Last week, the county commission voted to loosen restrictions on golf courses, but still kept strict social distancing rules in place.

In the video, Brinker said the county will be continually reviewing restrictions while conferring with state and regional leaders for guidance.

“We will be making changes as needed while maintaining life safety and practical business protocols,” Brinker said. “If changes are made, they will be announced through a press release.”


Brinker also expressed ongoing concerns about isolation and asked residents to look in on neighbors.

“Check on the vulnerable,” Brinker said. “Those who are alone and could use a phone call. Offer to get them groceries so they don’t have to be exposed more than necessary.”

Brinker again praised the staff of the county health department for all of their hard work and referred to them as heroes.


The Missourian is in frequent contact with Commissioner Brinker and will continue to post COVID-19 updates on both the website and Facebook as soon as they are received from the county officials.

In an effort to stay informed during this extraordinary time, residents are encouraged to visit where the latest COVID-19 numbers can easily be seen on The Missourian homepage.

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