COVID May 15, 2020

Franklin County has reported another loss of life due to COVID-19-related issues.

This is the second COVID-19 death this week and brings the total since April 3 to 15.

The death Wednesday was that of a 90-year-old woman at Grandview Healthcare in Washington.

Franklin County Presiding Commissioner Tim Brinker explained the other COVID-19 death reported Tuesday was that of an 89-year-old woman at Grandview Healthcare which occurred before this week, but reporting was delayed for a reason unknown to county health officials.

Friday, April 3, marked the first COVID-19-related death in Franklin County, an 86-year-old man at Grandview Healthcare.

Thirteen of the COVID-19-related deaths in the county have been Grandview Healthcare residents. The two others were Villa Ridge residents.

Overall, the county now has 134 total COVID-19 cases, 15 deaths, and 87 recoveries.

Of the total cases, Brinker said 32 are active with 19 in skilled care facilities and 13 quarantined cases in Pacific/Gray Summit, Lonedell, Union, St. Clair and Washington.

Brinker added the county commission will be taking action next week on several items relative to COVID-19 spread prevention, including:

• Air purification system for the existing and new detention center to prevent and eliminate airborne droplets of active COVID molecular content.

• Software development and application addition to Franklin County collector suite that will allow for off-site bill paying via handheld device, laptop or home computer. This will minimize the need for physical payment processing in the government center, thus minimizing host opportunity of the virus.

• Additional Plexiglass shields throughout identified risk areas.

• Thermometers, PPE and testing swabs/kit research and implementation.

New Cases 

Brinker said there were no new cases, deaths or recoveries reported Friday.

Earlier in the week, seven new COVID-19 cases were added to the county tally. Two St. Clair men, ages 47 and 57, were diagnosed last weekend and the cases were reported Monday.

Two new cases were reported Tuesday, including a 29-year-old woman from Washington and a 53-year-old woman from Union. One new case was reported on Wednesday, a 44-year-old woman from St. Clair.

Two new cases also  were reported Thursday, including a 31-year-old man in Washington and a 58-year-old woman in Washington.

The largest single day of new cases came Tuesday, April 7, when 20 new cases were reported in Franklin County — 19 at Grandview Healthcare and one in Union.


This week also marked the highest number of recoveries since the outbreak began on March 23.

Overall, the county has averaged just under two recoveries a day for the past 51 days.

In all, 23 recoveries were reported, more than half came on Tuesday when 15 recoveries were reported, including 10 in Washington, three in St. Clair, and one each in Union and Sullivan.

The recoveries Tuesday were 10 women and five men, ranging in age from 47 to 97. Tuesday was the highest day of recoveries to date.

In addition to the large number Tuesday, two recoveries were reported Monday, and three each on Wednesday and Thursday.

The first eight COVID-19 recoveries in Franklin County were reported April 8, seven recoveries were reported April 24, and six recoveries were reported each day on April 9, 29, and May 5.

Thus far, the oldest county resident to recover from the virus is a 98-year-old woman in Washington and the youngest recovery is a 19-year-old woman in Union. 

Case Count

The first COVID-19 case related to Franklin County, a Mercy Hospital employee and St. Louis County resident, was reported March 20.

The first Franklin County resident, a 51-year-old woman in Lonedell, was diagnosed March 23 and was classified as recovered April 6.

As of Friday, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) shows Franklin County as ninth in the state for highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases per county.

As of press time, these were the latest numbers of cases geographically since the first COVID-19 case was reported in Franklin County March 23:

  • Washington — 63 cases, 17 active, 13 deaths, 33 recovered;
  • St. Clair — 19 cases, eight active, 11 recovered; 
  • Union — 16 cases, three active, 11 recovered;
  • Pacific/Gray Summit — 13 cases, three active, 10 recovered;
  • Villa Ridge — six cases, two deaths, four recovered;
  • Sullivan — six cases, all recovered;
  • Lonedell — four cases, one active, three recovered;
  • New Haven — four cases, all recovered;
  • St. Albans — one case, recovered; 
  • Labadie — one case, recovered; and
  • Leslie — one case, recovered.


The state of Missouri reports 126,935 patients have been tested through Wednesday, May 13, according to information from the DHSS. The state updates the site daily, but did not have testing information for Thursday, May 14.

One month earlier, on April 14, the state reported 48,803 tests had been conducted. That means in 30 days 78,132 tests were conducted statewide.

DHSS reported 10,317 people had tested positive as of May 14 — a jump of 5,631 cases from the month prior. It was reported 4,686 people had tested positive on April 14.

Deaths as of May 14 were at 562 statewide. A month earlier the death total stood at 133, according to the DHSS website.

To put the Franklin County cases in perspective, these are the latest numbers of the top 10 COVID-19 counties from the DHSS: 

• St. Louis County, 3,973 cases;

• St. Louis City, 1,512 cases;

• Kansas City, 838 cases;

• St. Charles County, 688 cases;

• Buchanan County, 496 cases;

• Jackson County, 407 cases;

• Jefferson County, 297 cases;

• Saline County, 224 cases;

• Franklin County, 134 cases; and  

• Clay County, 105 cases.